Peppermint Cafe Colombo

Colombo’s 24-Hour Cafe Is A Tasty Oasis In The City

Whether you’re a local in the city or just passing through, we’re gonna let you in on a little secret: there’s a jewel of a cafe where you can whizz between floors on an adult slide, feast on chocolatey waffles at 3am and treat your pooch to dinner. Peppermint Cafe in Colombo 7 is a one-stop spot for artisan coffee and freshly made food.

Here’s what to expect from your next visit…

Peppermint Cafe in Colombo is open 24/7 for all your food and drink needs

Yes – that’s all day, every day. You can come here at 8pm for a feast and come back at 4am for dessert. What’s not to love about that? They’re the city’s only 24-hour coffee shop, so it’s perfect for hanging out with friends or getting some studying done without having to stay at home or hit up a bar.

The food here is American-style, so expect hearty portions and big flavours

Craving waffles at 2am? You’ve come to the right place. But hey, let’s begin with breakfast, shall we? Choose from California-style eggs Benedict, oats and fruit in a jar or waffles with cheese and chicken ham.

Moving onto the main event, there’s all sorts of tempting dishes to order throughout the day. Will you go for spicy grilled chicken with cous cous, chilli cheese fries or traditional fish and chips? As well as indulgent treats, there’s also healthy options such as King fish with Caesar salad or baked chicken with an Asian salad.

When it comes to desserts, Peppermint Cafe don’t let the side down. Dig into pancakes with chocolate sauce and strawberries or ‘choco fries’ with ice cream. Their ‘Midnight Menu’ is served from 12am – 5am and has their most popular bites to eat.

You’ll love the fun outdoor adult slide!…

Have you ever been to a cafe where you can slide down from the first floor to the ground? Us neither. Peppermint Cafe in Colombo however, has a super fun giant adult slide that’s the perfect end to your visit here.

While your pup will love the special ‘Pet Menu’

Treat your better half to a bowl of yummy pet food or treats – there’s various flavours to choose from and different treats to make sure your dog knows he’s the best boy. You’ll love this place.

In fact, you might love it *so* much that you would be interested in the Priority Pass for Peppermint Cafe. Register for the pass and you’ll enjoy benefits such as 10% off your total food bill at all times,  a huge 40/% off from 5am-10am and pre-ordering for dining in, so your food is ready as soon as you arrive. See more about the Priority Pass here.

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