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You Can Rent An Entire Hotel In Sri Lanka For $7,500 A Night And It Looks Insane

One enterprising Sri Lanka hotel owner in the capital of Colombo has come up with a unique way of selling their hotel rooms.

Rather than the hassle of selling individual rooms, they’ve listed the entire hotel on Airnbnb for $7,500 a night and it actually looks like surprisingly good value when you think about it.

You’d also be staying where royalty has slept, as in November 2013 the hotel hosted Their Royal Highnesses, Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, who were attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo.

The luxury Paradise Road hotel has 10 bedrooms…

The Luxury Paradise Road hotel

And 10.5 bathrooms…Luxury Bedroom in Sri Lanka Hotel

This Sri Lanka Hotel will set you back $7,500 a night but when you consider it sleeps 16 people, that’s less than $500 a night per person…

You would have SO. MUCH. FUN.

Sri Lanka Hotel

Which if you and your friends can afford, it would be quite the spot to party in…Pool in Sri Lanka Hotel

The price includes breakfast and there’s also a fully kitted-out gym.Hotel room in Sri Lanka 10.5 Hotel bathrooms

There’s also plenty of lazy rooms for relaxing in with a stiff drink and cigar pretending you’re royalty

Lazy Room in Sri Lanka Hotel Hotel Bathroom in Sri Lanka

You’ll obviously have your very own bar…Hotel Bar in Sri Lanka

And the hotel staff will be on hand to look after your every need…Desk Hotel Staff

The rooms are all luxury suites Luxury Suites

And the hotel is situated in Colombo’s best area, ensuring complete privacy from the hustle of the cityHotel Best Area in Sri Lanka

It even has its own piano… Every after-party dream!Party dream place in Sri Lanka

Want a private hotel with a gym, library, spa and privacy for you and 16 friends? This could be the spot for you.
Sri Lanka Hotel


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