& best places for pizza in Charlotte

The 7 Best Places For Pizza In Charlotte

The foodie scene in this North Carolina city has been exploding over the last few years but pizza in Charlotte is where we have our greedy focus on right now.

From the classic Neapolitan-style pizza through to the New York slices to grab on the go, this is a list that has something for everybody.

So grab a friend, forget about the gym for a today and treat yourself to one of the very best places for pizza in Charlotte.

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1. Inizio Pizza Napoletana

Their Neapolitan-style pizza is as good as anything you will find in the country and sticks to the traditional methods.

That means proving the dough for over a day and cooking it in a blistering hot oven in less than 90 seconds. Once you taste their pies with their simple yet elegant toppings you will be hooked for life.

Pizza in Charlotte

2. Pizzeria Omaggio

An authentic Italian-style pizzeria does super specialty pizzas, with fresh high quality toppings and a delectable dough.

Their seasonal pizzas feature unique toppings and they also do an insanely good homemade Semifreddo to finish off the meal.

3. Pure Pizza

They’ve been keeping their customers seriously happy and well fed since 2012. They put huge pride into being farm lovers and that means sourcing the very best ingredients.

They also have gluten free options are organic and cater for vegans. There is literally nothing they cannot make taste delicious.

& best places for pizza in Charlotte

4. Benny Pennello’s

They serve classic New York pizza slices and whole pies that taste absolutely amazing. You will want to make sure you are hungry though, because to say the portion sizes are big would be a serious understatement.

Plenty of people also get the pies to go but there is something about sitting here, eating it piping hot that makes it taste even more special.

5. Due Amici Pizza

If you want some takeaway pizza to have on the couch watching the big game or to share with the family this is the spot.

Their portions are huge, the bases thin and crispy and they load the toppings on so that you will never go hungry.

6. The Pizza Peel & Tap Room

Nothing goes together quite as well as pizza and beer and if you want that combination in Charlotte then this is the place you’ll want to head to.

They also do great bar snacks, pasta and other comfort food, but the pizza is the star of the show here.

7. Bisonte Pizza Co

Wings, beer and pizza. What more could you possibly want in life? The fact that they happen to have the best combined selection of all three in Charlotte under their roof makes this place an absolute winner.

The pies are thin. crispy and loaded with delicious cheese.

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