The 7 Best Russian Restaurants In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to some fo the country’s best restaurants. While most envision taco joints, southwest fare and pacific seafoods eateries, LA has even more to offer. In addition to the local cuisine, you’ll find plenty of international options, too. The city is home to some of the best Russian restaurants in the country. Treat yourself to a feast at any one of these delicious Russian restaurants in Los Angeles.

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1. Traktir Restaurant

This West Hollywood favourite serves up some of the most authentic and delicious Russian dishes in the city. In addition to Russian staples such as pelmeni and herring, you’ll find incredible Geogian dishes as well.

2. Kashtan Russian Deli and Restaurant

Treat yourself to a hearty Slavic meal and then enjoy some bubbly and black caviar at Kashtan Russian Deli and Restaurant. Afterwards, browse their deli area to recreate your favourite Russian meals at home.

3. Maxim Restaurant & Banquet Hall

Spend an evening splurging on Russian classics and vodka at this upscale banquet hall. Whether you’re planning a wedding or just looking for a fancy night out, Maxim Restaurant has you in mind. If you’re feeling some entertainment, they offer live music on the weekends.

4. Moonlight House

Dine on fine Russian cuisine and enjoy live entertainment in Moonlight House’s spacious dining room. Take your pick from any of their classic Russian offerings such as beef tongue salad, blini with caviar, sturgeon and so much more.

Russian Restaurants Los Angeles

5. Romanov Restaurant and Lounge

Dine like the Romanovs at Ventura Boulevard’s Romanov Restaurant and Lounge. Luxurious furniture, enormous chandeliers and royal velvet accents will make you feel as though you’re dining in the Summer Palace. Allow yourself to be transported to St. Petersburg with traditional Russian fare in a fine dining atmosphere.

Russian Restaurants Los Angeles

6. Robert’s Russian Cuisine

Our next pick, Robert’s Russian Cuisine is famous for their delicious pelmeni. This family-owned favourite serves some of the best Russian dumplings in the city. Each pelmeni is handmade and adheres to the traditional Russian flavours. Order a few helpings of the Russian classic with a traditional shot of vodka and enjoy the atmosphere.

Russian Restaurants Los Angeles

7. EuroAsia Restaurant

This LA favourite gets Eastern cuisine right with everything from Russian pelmeni, Ukrainian borscht,  Georgian kharcho, Uzbek soups and so much more. While they offer a variety of Eastern European and Slavic dishes, their Russian food is what they do best. Chow down on a generous helping of sturgeon followed by a delicious dessert.

Russian Restaurants Los Angeles
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