The 7 Best San Francisco Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In San Francisco

Have a craving for the best San Francisco pizza? Consider this your DIY slice-by-slice guide to the tastiest pies in the city. San Fran has an incredible food and drink scene: burgers, cocktails and of course, coffee.

Whether you’re a local looking for new food spots or just here for a few days while you’re visiting California, this is one place where carb lovers will be safe and sound.

Put your game face on; get ready to eat your bodyweight in fresh cheese and chargrilled dough at these seven best places for pizza…

Best pizzas San FranciscoHow do these rankings work?

1. Del Popolo 

Del Popolo launched as a mobile pizzeria in May of 2012, churning out Neapolitan-inspired pizza, and is now in its permanent home at lower Nob Hill.  Beautiful bubbles of charred spots add extra flavour and the toppings are simply perfect.

Del Popolo in San Francisco

2. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

With 11 different styles of pizza on the menu, this place is home of the 13-times world pizza champion Tony Gemignani.

You’ll find deep dish, pizza slices, classic Italian pizza as well as great pasta on the menu. One of the truly great San Francisco pizza experiences. As good as anything you’ll find in Italy.

San Francisco pizza

3. Mozzeria

Their whole kitchen and indeed the restaurant is centred around their 5,000-pound Stefano Ferrara oven. Half the joy here is the anticipation as you watch the pizzas being cooked up and hoping the next one is yours.

Their dough and style is classic, with some super exciting toppings that they change on a regular basis.

Mozzeria Pizzeria in Sn Francisco

4. Golden Boy Pizza

Square pizza slices that are perfect if you want something less formal than a sit down restaurant meal. Perfect for the start of a night out with friends.

The dough is thick with lush, fresh toppings. You’ll want to mix it up by trying at least three slices of their toppings. They’re heated up for you in less than two minutes, so the wait is short.

Golden Boy Pizza


Rather than pizzas, these are called “Pinsa” which is a modern take on the traditional flatbread. They are pizzas in all but name though and the toppings are what make them so special here.

Add in a great wine list and this is a place where you will quickly find yourself becoming a regular.

MONTESACRO Pinseria SF Pizzeria

6. PizzaHacker

Consistently ranked as one of the best pizzas in SF, PizzaHacker now has a permanent home after it started as street food.

The dough and tomato sauce is what makes it so incredible. Super crispy with charred pieces but also doughy and chewy at the same time. Ticks all the boxes.

PizzaHacker in San Francisco

7. Gialina

Gialina builds their menu around the freshest and most seasonal Californian produce available. That means the pizza toppings are always changing and you’ll always find something inventive.

A buzzy room where the wine flows faster as the conversation with friends intensifies and the pizzas arrive.

Gialina Pizza in San Francisco

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