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7 Of The Most Scenic Hikes In Spain

When Spain comes to mind, most people think of artsy metropolitan areas such as Barcelona and Madrid but what many don’t know is that Spain also has an incredible countryside. Because of their gorgeous rural scenery, there are many options to choose from for hikers. Whether you’re looking for coastal vistas and rugged mountains or dense alpine woods, these hikes in Spain have it all.

The Most Scenic Hikes In Spain

1. Ruta del Cares

This 11km hike is one of the most popular choices in Picos de Europa. Nestled between Leon and Asuriuas provinces, the trail has much to offer in the way of scenery. You will start your journey in the tiny Asturian pueblo of Puente Poncebos before heading to Leon’s Posada de Valdeon.

2. Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago is not only one of Spain’s best hikes, but also the whole of Europe. Known as a pilgrimage to Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, you can’t miss a chance to try the trek. We don’t blame you if you can’t finish, though. The full hike takes around 30-35 days.

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3. Peñalara

Experience the best of Madrid’s province with a hike of Peñalara. This medium difficulty hike offers gorgeous views of the surrounding Sierra de Guadarrama and is around 11 km. If you’re going in Summer, be sure to get your start early before it’s too hot.

4. Via Ferrata de la Cala del Moli

If you are looking for jaw-dropping views of the sea, look no further than Via Ferrata de la Cala del Moli. Adrenaline junkies will love the suspension above the crashing waves and multiple opportunities for climbing.

Despite being full of steep drops and narrow climbs, it is surprisingly easy. You’re linked to a steel cable for safety and will be wearing a helmet. If you’re worried, be sure to book a professional guide.

5. Mediterranean Path

The GR92 route, also known as the Mediterranean Path, offers a great trail from Portbou to Cadaqués. Take a full five days to complete the hike or just stop whenever you’re ready. Either way, you’ll bear witness to some of Spain’s most scenic views.
scenic hikes Spain

6. Picos de Europa Covadonga Lakes

Pack a few snacks and set off for the Covadonga Lakes circuit in Picos de Europa. In 12km you’ll experience some of the regions most stunning lookouts along tranquil lakes. Be sure to take note of the grazing mountain cows and goats.
scenic hikes Spain

7. Vereda de la Estrella

Last but not least is a Sierra Nevada favourite. Just a hop away from Granada in the Sierra Nevada is the Vereda de la Estrella trail. Trekking through the deep valley provides a hike made up of tranquil rivers, breathtaking lookouts and unique flora and fauna. Despite its location, the path is considered easy to navigate and walk.
scenic hikes Spain

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