Sri Lankan Dishes

7 Sri Lankan Dishes You Have To Try

The food on this island country in South Asia is breathtakingly good, as this selection of Sri Lankan dishes highlights. With diverse cultures merging in the country and centuries of culinary evolution, the cooking will quickly capture your imagination.

So, why not try making some Sri Lankan recipes at home? These are not just any recipes either, as they come from the world’s best food bloggers. People are the very top of their craft who have refined and perfected the recipes so that you can create them at home. Make sure to follow their blogs and bookmark these great recipes.

You might not be able to travel to the country right now, but by cooking up these Sri Lankan dishes you’ll feel like you’re there…

The Best Sri Lankan Dishes

1. Sri Lankan Masoor Dhal Curry

Classic red lentil dhal curry recipe that’s ready in 30-minutes! It makes a quick, healthy and delicious weeknight meal!

Recipe created by Nara.

2. Red Chicken Curry

This spicy Sri Lankan chicken curry is a must for every Sri Lankan food lover and curry lovers. This broth can literally transfer anything bland into something really, really good.

Recipe created by Roshani.

3. Sri Lankan Fish Patties

Sri Lankan fish patties are a flakey pastry filled with spicy mackerel, potato and seasoned with spices, then deep-fried in hot oil.

Recipe created by Rachi.

4. Lavariya

Lavariya, a Sri lankan sweet dumpling made from rice flour with coconut stuffing. The basic recipe of the filling has been made with coconut & jaggery and flavoured with cardamom powder.

Recipe created by Sandhiya.

Sri Lankan Dishes

5. Creamy Beetroot Curry

Beetroot is such a versatile veggie and incredibly popular in Sri Lankan cooking with good reason. If you haven’t yet tried beetroot in curries, you are in for a real treat.

Recipe created by Shika.

6. Sri Lankan Prawn Curry With Idayappum (String hoppers)

Sri Lanka is an island, so seafood is kind of a big deal there. They’ll eat fish and prawn curry for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This recipe captures the magic of the country on one simple plate.

Recipe created by Trisha.

Sri Lankan Dishes

7. Coconut Sambol

A Sri Lankan staple “chutney”  made of fresh coconut and chilies. A recipe for a delicious side with hopper, idlis, and everything else served in this great country.

Recipe created by Anuja.

Sri Lankan Dishes

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