A Stargazing in Bolivia's Kachi Lodge

A Stargazing Lodge On Bolivia’s Salt Flats Is The First Of Its Kind

An utterly unique experience in South America is sure to be top of many people’s bucket lists: stargazing in a luxury dome in Bolivia. Kachi Lodge is on Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat and is the first luxury lodge of its kind on the Bolivian Altiplano. 

Designed by Amazing Escapes, the lodge has six bedroom domes and an oversized lounge dome set up on a wooden deck above the surface of the Salar. Each dome has clear panels for the best nightsky views, with the bed perfectly positioned under the stars. 

From a distance, the white pods look like a space station

The domes are incredibly cosy. With rustic design, soft carpet and proper heating, you won’t feel any of the chill from outside.

Kachi Lodge is located at 11,800 feet for the ultimate views

Expert on-site guides are on hand to teach guests all about constellations and Andean cosmology. Not only that, there’s also endless things to do during the day.

You can bike across the salt flats, hike to the edge of the volcano and explore a nearby island. Sounds like heaven, right?

Kachi Lodge The entire lodge is also fully sustainable, so you can travel here guilt-free

Kachi Lodge has a strict 0% plastic policy, the entire lodge is designed to operate on solar energy and the structure is completely mobile so that it doesn’t damage the salt flats.

It also does a super job of highlighting Bolivian cultural heritage. Food comes from the famous Gustu restaurant, which only works with small Bolivian producers. The lodge also exhibits the work of Gaston Ugalde, the most famous contemporary Bolivian artist.

Want to stay here? See current rates and more info here.

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