The 7 Best Bars In Washington DC

7 Of The Best Bars In Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and is the driving city behind the government. With so many government agencies and the rest of the industries pulling in long hours, a perfect reprieve from all that work to hit up the bars in Washington DC.

These are the 7 best bars in Washington DC.

The 7 Best Bars in Washington DCHow do these rankings work?

1. Off the Record

Off the Record is an  upscale basement speakeasy (sounds like an oxymoron) that makes some excellent cocktails to go with the vintage decor. At such a high-class drinking establishment, your wallet will take a bit of a hit but for the mysteriousness of the location and quality of the cocktails, it’ll be worth it.

A lot of the Washington DC elites frequent this bar, so expect to see some notable Washington figures here.

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2. Round Robin

Round Robin is inside the InterContinental Hotel just a few feet away from the White House. This historic bar has been serving cocktails for over 170 years and the classic cocktails are what they do best.

You’ll fit right in with the decor and crowd by ordering an Old Fashioned here.

Round Robin Bar in washington DC

3. Columbia Room

The Columbia Room is an award-winning bar for Best American Cocktail Bar in 2017 for the complete experience and exclusive tasting room tickets. This bar is actually spread out over three different rooms with their own names so take a gander at each room and pick the room that works for you.

Live large and slap down $85 for a reservation of their Tasting Room which features a list of specially-made cocktails.

Columbia Room Bar

4. ChurchKey

ChurchKey is an upscale beer bar where Washington’s most serious beer enthusiasts come to try their constantly changing flock of beers. Usually, the menu has over 50 taps on hand and their draft beer list is broken off into different categories.

Whatever your beer preference is, ChurchKey is the place to go for your beer cravings.

ChurchKey Bar

5. barmini by José Andrés

Don’t be intimidated by the allure of superstar mega-chef Jose Andres. He doesn’t seem to take himself or this bar too seriously either with their creatively hilarious cocktail names like Saturday Morning Cartoons, for instance.

You’ll feel a bit more comfortable once you order one of their 100+ cocktails and watch the creative cocktail-making skills of their world-class bartenders.

barmini by José Andrés in Washington DC

6. Dacha Beer Garden

Dacha Beer Garden is one of Washington’s favourite spots for a lively outdoor beer-drinking atmosphere. While serving a similar collection of beers to ChurchKey, the vibe and ambiance could not be more different. Boisterous and loud, Dacha Beer Garden is where you come to let your hair down with a beer in hand.

Grab a beer of your choice as you catch up with friends here at this fantastic beer garden.

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7. Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Your jaw might drop from the sight of 2,600+ bottles of whiskey they have at Jack Rose Dining Saloon. Literally any bottle of whiskey you can think of is probably sitting on their shelf ready to be poured.

They have other drinks here too like wine and beer but let’s face it, you came here for some whiskey.

The best bars in washington DC

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