The 7 Best Coffee In Prague

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Prague

Prague has no shortage of amazing places to get your coffee fix, but there’s something satisfying about seeking out the best place. The coffee shop that you would walk an extra 10 minutes out of your every morning just because you love their cold press.

We hear ya. So, we’ve found the best of the best Prague coffee stores. These are spots that will never let you down on the java front…

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1. Misto

Misto is a modern, bright and vivacious light airy space. You’ll be drawn in by the coffee, but soon realise the food menu is what will also keep you coming back. Some brilliantly innovative drinks on the menu for those looking for some variety.

Misto Cafe

2. EMA Espresso Bar

A large industrial space where their team of super talented baristas make some of the best coffees in the country. There’s a real community vibe here, and that combined with the bright airy space makes it somewhere you’ll probably settle in and have a second cup.

EMA Espresso Bar

3. Coffee and Riot

Coffee and Riot serves up coffee by day and booze by night – the perfect combination. They use a shining La Marzocca coffee machine to brew up their delicious beans, which they source from independent roaster.

They constantly rotate their coffees so there’s always something new and exciting to try.

Coffee and Riot Cafe

4. OneSip Coffee

This charming cafe roasts its own beans from its roastery, Candycane, as well as using premium beans from Round Hill Roastery. It’s smack bang in the middle of the Old Town but feels super peaceful. 

Get a cold brew to go and don’t miss out on the fresh pastries.

OneSip Coffee In Prague

5. Double B

Double B’s specialities include flavoured coffee creations using homemade syrups as well as exceptional espresso. Their single-origin coffees are some of the best Prague coffee you’ll find in the entire city.

They also hold regular coffee workshops for any caffeine fan who wants to brush up on their bean knowledge.

Double B Cafe In Prague

6. Kafe Karlin

Kafe Karlin is a cute, small espresso bar with coffee beans from their very own roaster. This tiny standing-only coffee bar strikes the perfect balance between a friendly atmosphere and a dedication to only serving the best coffees.

It’s bright, stylish and the perfect pit-stop for a rich, strong coffee.

coffee Prague

7. Eska

Eska is a beautiful bakery, restaurant and coffee shop all rolled into one. It’s a Scandinavian-style place, with a lovely open plan floor and plenty of light.

They use premium coffee from Czech coffee-roasting plant Nordbeans, with truly expert baristas behind the machine. Don’t miss out on the flaky croissants or homemade coffee cake!

Eska Cafe

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