The 7 Best Tokyo Hotels

The 7 Best Hotels In Tokyo

With so much to do and see in Tokyo, it can be easy to forget that you have to find a place to rest for the night. You’ll be too busy eating, drinking and go-karting (yes, really) your way around the city to research the best Tokyo hotels.

From luxurious to economical, we have you covered with these seven amazing hotels in Tokyo.  And yes, you really should spend a night in Japan’s famous pod-style hotels…

You won’t want to leave this fascinating city.

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1. The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

For luxury seekers or those with some mad cash to spend, park it at The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo for the night. Aside from the luxurious aspects one would expect from a Ritz property, its location is unbeatable. It’s easily accessible to the main areas of Tokyo.

If you don’t want to wander out for food, dine at one of the hotel’s seven restaurants.

The Ritz’s centrality also makes the views of the Tokyo skyline from your room (starting on floor 45 and above), amazing.

The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo

2. Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Another hotel with a high-end reputation is the Grand Hyatt in Tokyo. The hotel is centrally located in Roppongi, the party-central part of town with lots of bars and clubs.

Unwind after a night of partying and spend the next day at the hotel spa or in their exclusive Grand Club lounge.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

3. Muji Hotel

Newly opened Muji Hotel is an offspring of Japanese retail store, Muji. And the branding is on point.

Stepping into one of the rooms at Muji Hotel, it will feel as if you’re stepping into one of their retail stores.

The building itself is combined with a Muji store that takes up the first five floors. The hotel’s vibe is a blend of Japanese culture, with its fine wood finishings, along with a fashionable European style.

Traditional meets trendy in this new hotel in Tokyo.

Muji Hotel

4. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo combines luxury accommodations with a cultural experience of being in Japan. Taking up the top nine floors of this building, the hotel is located in the Nihonbashi district which features many Japanese department stores and Japanese specialty stores that have been around for over 100 years.

The views from the rooms here are spectacular and on a clear day, you can clearly see Mount Fuji off in the distance.

Convenience is the key at this 5-star hotel. Eat at one of their 12 restaurants or venture out and take the subway which is located in the building’s basement.

Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo

5. Nine Hours

For those on a budget and limited time, try one of the hotels the Japanese are most famous for, the capsule hotel. Here, guests aren’t given a hotel room. Rather, they are given a tiny pod as their accommodation.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel is one of the more modern and futuristic-designed capsule hotels in Tokyo.

The name of the hotel comes from business travellers spending, on average, nine hours at their hotel. But, feel free to spend however long you like in your pod at this cool capsule hotel.

Tokyo hotels

6. Hoshinoya Tokyo

The Hoshinoya Hotel Tokyo is where old Japanese traditions meets luxury. At this Ryokan, sleep in traditional tatami mat rooms and take a dip in the natural hot-spring baths.

The rooms here are spacious, which is uncommon for hotel rooms in Tokyo, and with touches of bright light and contemporary design.

Stay at the Hoshinoya Tokyo if you want a bit of the old mixed with new.

Hoshinoya Tokyo

7. The Tokyo Station Hotel

Don’t be fooled by the exterior of the building, because the Tokyo Station Hotel is aptly located inside Tokyo’s main train station. The hotel here features elegant and trendy rooms, perfect for after a long day’s of train travel.

This hotel is very convenient for outbound travellers as you can stay here for decent rates to catch that early train in the morning.

Tokyo Station Hotel

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