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The 7 Best Michelin Guide Vegan Restaurants

There’s currently no fully vegan restaurant with a Michelin Star, but there are 14 Michelin Guide vegan restaurants. These places have either a Bib Gourmande (gourmet dining at a fair price) or ‘The Plate’ award, for fresh ingredients. If it’s good enough for Michelin, then it’s pretty damn great.

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices of the moment, yet there’s still an idea that vegan food can be bland. Well, that’s just not true. Plant produce is an exciting and delicious way to eat and it’s healthy AF.  These Michelin Guide vegan restaurants across the world prove just that.

The Best Michelin Guide Vegan RestaurantsHow do these rankings work?

1. Plant Food + Wine – Venice, California, USA

What Michelin has to say: “Gorgeous vegan goodness with vibrant, complex and beautiful dishes. …With such prime access to the Santa Monica farmer’s market, the quality of ingredients is all but guaranteed.”

2. Mesa Verde – Santa Barbara, California, USA

What Michelin has to say: ” This is the kind of food that even meat-eaters can instantly love. From the first bite of a mushroom burger with crisp lettuce and superb heirloom tomatoes, it is clear that these ingredients arrive fresh from the farm.”

3. Allotment – Manchester, UK 

What Michelin has to say: “Flavourful vegan dishes take on a modern approach and are prepared with skill and care; the cauliflower 3 ways is very tasty.”

4. Hypha – Chester, UK

What Michelin has to say: “Unfussy vegan small plates have subtle Asian touches and fermentation techniques create some interesting flavour contrasts.”

5. Blossom – New York, USA

What Michelin has to say: “This is a vegan favourite with spot-on spicing and delicious surprises. Moroccan tagine… with crispy tofu strips is all heart and soul.”

michelin guide vegan restaurants

6. Stinky Tofu Boss – Taipei, Taiwan

What Michelin has to say: “Silky and porous, the vegan stinky tofu is steamed to order with mushrooms and basil adding extra aroma.”

michelin guide vegan restaurants

7. Double Zero – New York, USA

What Michelin has to say: “Low-gluten pizza and “not pizza” dominate the menu, along with occasional specials like wickedly good sweet potato cavatelli.”

michelin guide vegan restaurants

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