Best Places For Yakitori In Osaka

The 7 Best Places For Yakitori In Osaka

Osaka is famous for its yakitori – tasty skewers of meat that are grilled to order and easily found at lots of restaurants here. Whether you’re in the mood for cheap and cheerful street dining or something a little fancier, this is a great city for food.

Once you’ve finished exploring Osaka and drank your fill of coffee and cocktails, it’s time for a snack or two. We’ve got the inside scoop of the best eats in Osaka… Hungry yet?

Best yakitori in OsakaHow do these rankings work?

1. Ayamuya

This hideaway restaurant keeps a low profile yet still received Michelin one-star in its very first year. It’s the perfect mix of local Japanese dishes with a menu that has yakitori-only courses. If you want to experience authentic yakitori grilled by master chefs, this is the only place to be.

It’s hard to find, so we’d suggest downloading the map location in advance.

Ayamuya Yakitori in Osaka

2. Mashika

This unusual place is a tobacco shop ran by the grandmother during the while by night, it’s a Japanese-Italian izakaya ran by the grandson. There’s traditional Japanese creations alongside Italian dishes. Pasta and yakitori in the same place? Dreamy.

Mashika Yakitori in Osaka

3. Ichimatsu

Just a 4-minute walk from Kitashinchi station, this classy restaurant showcases everything that’s amazing about Japanese food. Creative yakitori dishes include seared chicken sashimi. Each dish comes out one-by-one, making it a Kaiseki-style way to dine. Every single dish here is delicious.

Creative Yakitori Dishes

4. Motomi

A stylish yakitori joint with Instagrammable decor and a wide selection of sake, spirits, and wines, this is a foolproof place for an authentic meal in Osaka. It specialises in chicken dishes that come from local farms and are broiled to perfection over charcoal.

Motomi Yakitori

5. Enza (Nishi Tenman Branch)

Going strong since 1922, this is a classic yakitori restaurant that has beautiful private rooms for group dining and all-you-can-eat menus. Order the “Omakase Course” for the best yakitori skewer dishes that taste just as good as they look. They cook the food in front of your eyes which really adds to the experience.

Best Yakitori Skewer

6. Shuto 

Shuto is super popular with locals for an evening bite to eat, and we can see why. The chicken is slaughtered that morning and then grilled over oak charcoal for extra flavour and freshness. Get their signature neck sinew dish for a real flavour of Japan.

Sounds unusual but it’s a delicious dish.

Neck Sinew Dish

7. Namba Sumiyakishoten Yo

This cute and cosy spot has handmade wooden tables and a lively atmosphere, as well as some of the best food in the city. Order the “yakitori-moriawase” for a great selection of chargrilled skewers. They use only the freshest and local ingredients that’s cooked up by expert chefs.

Plus, those pretty lanterns make for a super Instagram snap.

Namba Sumiyakishoten Yo

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