the best last minute travel deals

The 7 Best Websites To Find Last Minute Travel Deals

There’s times when the only thing for it is to throw caution (and a bitta cash) to the wind, and book a spontaneous getaway. If you’re feeling like making the most of a weekend or unexpected free time, there’s some great sites and travel apps where you can find last minute travel deals.

From bargain hotels, cheap flights and even last minute cruise deals, here’s where you can find all the best options for a last minute vacation.

Best Websites to Find Last Minute Travel DealsHow do these rankings work?


What it does: The name is pretty self explanatory! Last minute travel deals on everything from hotels, flights, holiday packages, spa days, theatre tickets and more.

What you need it for: Planning your entire holiday for cheap in one simple booking.

The killer feature: Flexible payment options, with pay monthly holidays and the option to pay just a deposit upfront.

2. Skyscanner

What it does: Price comparison site that searches millions of flights from 1000s of providers.

What you need it for: To save money, find cheap flights and book multi-destination tickets.

The killer feature: Price alerts you can set up for when prices change and the ‘anywhere’ filter, which shows you the cheapest destinations to fly to on your desired dates.

3. Hotel Tonight

What it does: Offers exclusive hotel deals for last minute bookings across the world.

What you need it for: Finding hotel deals that you can’t get anywhere else, for either last minute bookings or same-day bookings.

The killer feature: Discounts of up to 70% and the fact that all hotels are fully vetted by the site, so it only shows the best places to stay.

4. Google Flights

What it does: Google Flights allows you to book flights from more than 300 airline and online travel agency partners.

What you need it for: Finding cheap flights, with filters such as  cabin class, airlines, and number of stops.

The killer feature: Add your departure city and travel dates into Google Flights, leaving your destination blank to see the cheapest places to fly to right now.

5. Intrepid Travel

What it does: This tour trip company has a great last minute section on site, with  one-off deals.

What you need it for: Booking a discounted trip to places such as Kenya, Cambodia or New Zealand.

The killer feature: Discounts on adventures that haven’t sold out up to two months before departure.

the best last minute travel deals


What it does: Head to the last minute section of for some excellent cruise deals!

What you need it for: Saving money on sailings from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and more.

The killer feature: Flash Sale bonus offers such as cash back rewards and free all-inclusive upgrades.


What it does: Your one-stop shop for last minute travel deals.

What you need it for: Bargains on hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, holiday packages, villa rentals, and activities across the world.

The killer feature: The ‘Undercover Hotel’ filter, where you can save even more money for booking a surprise hotel.

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