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The 7 Best Places For A Cheat Meal In Manchester

You’ve hit the gym hard all week, been an absolute angel when it comes to tracking your macros and your cheat day is finally here. The day when you can wear your loose pants, pig out and have a real feast. But where to find the best places for a cheat meal in Manchester?

We have the ultimate list of the spots to hit up in the city for a serious feed. From burgers dripping with cheese to carbs and even more carbs, these places are worth the calories.

Best Places For A Cheat Meal In ManchesterHow do these rankings work?

1. Yard & Coop

Yard and Coop is all about serving up proper fried chicken with tasty sides, classic cocktails and craft beers. ‘Proper’ fried chicken means buttermilk chicken that you’d find in the US. The chicken is super crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and comes served with their traditional sides, which are simply delicious.

Creamy shakes and a fried chicken dish with Yorkshire pudding and gravy are other must-orders.

2. Pasta Factory

You can’t beat some classic carbs on your cheat day. Pasta Factory is a top spot for an indulgent cheat meal in Manchester and an authentic Italian “piatto di pasta”. Their gnocchi with a rich, meaty ragu and parmesan is heavenly.

Plus, since each dish is homemade using artisan ingredients, you shouldn’t feel bad about licking the plate clean.

3. Ciaooo

Ciaoo couldn’t possibly be more classical in their Italian roots, using a traditional stone bake oven and blending the ingredients for the freshest toppings, including tomatoes sourced from Napoli.

They churn the pizzas out in no time as they take less than 90 seconds to cook; the big spongey doughy crusts are an absolute joy.

4. Solita

With locations in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Didsbury and Prestwich, they have been serving big, bold food to customers for years. The sort of place you come for a proper cheat meal, as once you taste that first bit of the burger you won’t regret it one bit. Do come with an appetite though, because the portions are massive.

5. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a must-visit place for classic American comfort food: toasties, tacos, eggs, bacon, waffles, fried chicken, steak, coffee, milkshake, cakes… The drool-inducing list goes on and on. It’s impossible to choose just one thing to order here, so come with friends and get as many dishes as you can fit into your bellies.

cheat meal Manchester

6. Alabama’s

Come here for a breakfast feast that will cure pretty much anything. Heartbreak. Hangover. Anything. Alabama’s serves up diner-style grub that’s full of flavour. We love the steak and eggs for breakfast which comes with a choice of homemade carbs.

Your only tough decision is picking just one from a list of Texas Toast, English Muffin, New York Bagel, French Toast, Toasted Sour-dough, Rye or a Home-made Buttermilk Pancake.

cheat meal Manchester

7. Dirty Franks

Loaded fries and hot dogs stuffed with cheese, bacon bits and all sorts of tasty toppings are the secret to Dirty Franks’ popularity. Dirty Dogs include the Notorious P.I.G, which comes heaped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce and ranch slaw. As for those fluffy and crispy fries? Add on melted cheddar, baconnaise or currywurst. Macros, be gone!

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