7 Best Paraguay Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia and has breathtaking rainforests, waterfalls and natural attractions.

Add to that a vibrant local culture and rich traditions, and you’ll soon discover the Paraguay is seriously underrated.

We’ve listed our top picks of where to get a great Paraguay Instagram photo. Make sure to tick these off your list.

1. Saltos del Monday

This is a large waterfall that is part of the Municipal Park Monday, consisting of three falls.

The largest fall has a drop of 120m, making the plume of water rushing down behind your head a fantastic background for your Paraguay Instagram photo.


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2. San Cosme y Damián

These incredible sand dune islands are in the middle of the Parana River and you can only reach them by boat.

There’s literally nothing on the islands, so make sure you bring water and snacks. The view of the vast sand dunes and the surrounding waters are not a must-see. Scientists say the dunes will soon disappear, so come here before it’s too late.


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3. Pantanal Paraguayo

The Pantanal is one of the largest freshwater wetlands in the world and actually occupies three countries, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay.

In Paraguay the landscape is made up of savannahs, swamps and lagoons, as well as a huge amount of wildlife. Ideal for nature photographers.


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4. Ñacunday waterfall

Inside the Ñacunday National Park you’ll find the scenic waterfall. The waterfalls are over 100 metres wide and are absolutely majestic.

The park itself has interesting wildlife and is a great place for trekking. Spread your arms wide at the waterfall and pose for that Paraguay Instagram shot.


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5. Yvytu Silla

You won’t see many sights on your travels that are as wonderful as this. These rock formations are in the Tobati mountain range. It’s also the best place in the country to watch the sunset.

A true natural wonder.


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6. Loma San Jerónimo

This upbeat, colourful neighbourhood in the city of Asunción is where you’ll find a taste of authentic Paraguayan life. Picturesque houses, brightly painted stairs and a bohemian atmosphere await.

Stop by La Casa del Mojito rooftop bar for a tasty cocktail when you’re done exploring. The perfect way to end your day.


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7. Colonia Independencia

This pretty town is a tourist attraction because of its German heritage. It’s also where you’ll find Akatî Hill,  a super viewpoint.

Only the super fit should attempt the climb – we suggest taking a 4×4 to the top! Check out one of the waterfall jumps while you’re up there to cool off.


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