The Best Place To Travel In January 2020

As the weather begins to change all over the world, many travellers are starting to search for the best place to travel in January. It’s often one of the coldest months for many countries, so a quick getaway and some sun is usually much needed.

Looking for the best place to travel in January? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some great winter travel destinations for travellers all over the world.

Best Place To Travel In January 2020

1. St. Lucia, Caribbean

One of the most picturesque Caribbean islands and a perfect place to come for a luxury holiday to lose all sense of time. Stay in some of the best high end resorts where your every whim is catered to and you’ll find yourself blissfully sipping on cocktails with your feet in the sand.

2. Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is a stunning island that attracts tourists from all over the world with its warm weather, pristine beaches and friendly locals. One trip here and you’ll easily fall in love with the place. Whether you want a party vibe or a week chilling on a private beach, you’ll find it here.

Easily one of the best winter sun destinations in the world.

3. Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife is one of those classic holiday islands that attracts people all year round because of its wonderful weather, great food and beautiful scenery.

Sitting just off the coast of Africa, it is the largest of the Canary islands (which belong to Spain). As well as mountains with hiking trails, Tenerife also has endless beaches with both white and black sand that have been a location for many famous movie shots over the years.

Tenerife spain Best Place To Travel In January

4. Sydney, Australia

The great thing about Australia is that it’s hot here in winter when it’s colder in most other places across the world. With beautiful beaches, historical sites, great food and heaps of culture, Sydney is full of memorable experiences. You can enjoy the best of urban city style with incredible natural parks and views – the best of both worlds.

Best Place To Travel In January

5. Dubai, UAE

The high-flying city of the U.A.E, Dubai is one of the most glamourous destinations you’ll ever visit, and is particularly popular with Big 7 Travel readers. You’ll find a huge range of things to see and do in Dubai, from visiting impressive museums and archaeological sites to making most of shopping ’til you drop. It makes for a great winter break.

Dubai travel

6. Los Angeles, USA

The City of Angels is a top place to soak up some sun and good vibes. What better way to kickstart the New Year? Whether you’re into the outdoors, culture, food or just living a #glam life, this is one city where you’ll find something new to do with every visit.

Bucket List Destinations North America

7. Marrakech, Morocco 

You can’t miss out on Marrakech when it comes to the best place to travel in January. This ancient walled city is home to mosques, palaces and lush gardens.

It’s known as The Red City thanks to the colour of the brick walls surrounding the city. Plus, the medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Temperatures are positively balmy.

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