The World's First Activist Hotel

The World’s First Activist Hotel: Eaton DC

The first activist hotel is here: all 209 rooms of radical energy, cushy pillows, and hope for a brighter future. It’s Eaton DC in Washington DC.  And it’s ready for you to join the revolution.

But What is an “Activist Hotel”?

According to The Independent, it all started with a friendly exchange between your classic billionaire father and billionaire daughter. You know, like conversations we all have.

Photo: Eaton DC

Lo Ka Shui is the owner of Great Eagle Holdings, the umbrella company for luxurious Langham Hotels. Back in 2014, he asked his daughter, Katherine Lo, to craft a line of hotels that would blow some much-needed energy into the tired hotel industry.

“He asked me to create a brand that would change everything, ‘the Tesla of hotels,'” Lo tells The Guardian.

The result is Eaton DC: a hipster-friendly world of co-working spaces, staff in bomber jackets, record players spinning old vinyl tracks, and a rooftop bar with, naturally, California-style tacos and vegan nachos. An all-women Resistance Revival Chorus frequently belts out tunes up there. They’re like singing angels overlooking Washington D.C.

But the core principle of Eaton DC, and the activist hotel environment, has nothing to do with hipster-chic essentials or exposed brick.

activist hotel
Photo: Eaton DC

Eaton Workshop: A Hub for Cultural Revolution

Rather, Eaton DC is the hub for Eaton Workshop.

Lo describes Eaton Workshop to The Independent as a “purpose-driven company at the intersection of culture, media, hospitality, wellness and progressive social change.” With its location just a few blocks from Trump’s hotel chain, it’s been dubbed the “anti-Trump hotel,” and with good reason.

Eaton Workshop is committed to three core ideas: amplifying the media, social and environmental impact, and new-age wellness.

Eaton Workshop
Photo: Eaton DC

In a nutshell, the hotel serves as a breeding ground for activists to promote intersectional dialogue. It’s where underground musicians come to sing their protests. Freethinking writers like Langston Hughes and Roxane Gay line the walls of the library. Further, Eaton DC has fully abandoned the classic drawer-Bible for the UN Declaration of Human Rights — a brash move in a nation with Motel 6s well-stocked with Bibles as far as the eye can see.

Of course — no revolution is complete without delectable cocktails at the swanky cocktail bar, live music, and a quick tuck-in at the flagship restaurant, American Son. We like our activism with a bit of flair, thank you very much.

Eatons of the Future

According to The Independent, Eatons in Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Seattle have already begun construction. Soon, these revolution hubs will stand across the world, offering a welcome hand, a healthy bit of volatility, and a damn good taco along the way.

Allison Krupp

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