Travelling to Thailand

7 Things to Know Before Travelling To Thailand

If you haven’t been to this beautiful South Asian country yet, you’ve surely had plenty of people tell you that you need to visit Thailand. There’s some key things to know about Thai culture and responsible tourism before travelling to Thailand, so we’ve rounded up the most important ones.

The country that is known as “The Land Of The Smiles” is one of the most visited countries in the world and is absolutely beautiful. Natural scenery, paradise islands and a vibrant street food scene make it an exciting spot…

Things to Know Before Travelling to ThailandHow do these rankings work?

1. Thai People Are Some of the Friendliest in the World

It’s not called ‘Land of Smiles’ for no reason! As you travel throughout Thailand, you’ll find that Thai people will go above and beyond to help you and be kind to you. You’ll find yourself making friends with strangers everywhere you go.

2. You Can Still Enjoy Great Weather During ‘Rainy Season’

Thailand’s rainy season is mostly around May/June to October, and most people think that it’s raining all the time during the monsoon season. While it can rain a lot, mostly it’s just one heavy downpour a day for an hour or two and then it’s back to clear blue skies and sunshine.

Hotels and flights are often much cheaper in rainy season too, so you’ll save money.

3. Bargain at Markets Responsibly

It’s fun to barter in Thailand at the food and clothing markets, but don’t be that tourist arguing for 15 minutes over $1. Exchanging different prices with the stall vendor in a friendly manner is all part of shopping here, but keep in mind that at the end of the day this is their livelihood. Often if you buy more than one item you’ll get the best deals so come with a friend.

4. Respect Local Customs and Buddhist Culture

In general, this is a Buddhist country, so the Thais are modest and gentle people. Remember this wherever you go and dress appropriately if entering a temple. Don’t get angry or raise your voice, as this won’t solve anything – just making any issues potentially a lot worse.

5. It’s Important To Cut Down On Plastic Use

When travelling to Thailand, we suggest you bring reusable water bottles and eating utensils. The country’s heavy use of plastic can lead to large piles of rubbish everywhere, so don’t contribute to any unnecessary waste.

Forget about the single-use plastic bottles and fill your own water filter bottle with clean water straight from the tap. It’s clean, refreshing – and by using your own bottle, it will help keep your carbon footprint down.

6. Avoid Animal Tourism & Book Eco-Tourism Activities

When looking for things to do in Thailand, focus on community-run tours and companies that directly support locals in the area and promote sustainable travel. You might see tours that bring you to tiger farms, monkey photo ops and elephant trekking, but the animals are exploited and it’s harmful.

Do your research, especially with elephant “sanctuaries” – make sure the money raised is directly helping rehabilitation efforts and there is zero elephant rides.

Travelling to Thailand

7. Thai New Year Takes Place in April

Officially in Thailand, the year 2019 actually the year 2562. Thais celebrate the New Year festival with a four-day long holiday every April that turns into a nationwide waterfight. Across the country, there’s friendly water fights and street parties that last nearly a week. It’s also about the act of cleansing, and has become one of the wildest water fights in the world.

Khao San Road in Bangkok is one of the craziest places for Songkran. We suggest you should visit this at least once. Prepare to get wet – very, very wet.

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