Traditional German Dishes

7 Traditional German Dishes You Need To Try

There are some wonderful traditional German dishes that you can make at home while you wait for the opportunity to visit again. Maybe you want to recreate that tasty treat from a previous vacation or you want to test your cooking ability before visiting. Either way this list has you covered.

These aren’t just any old recipes either. They come from the world’s best food bloggers. Make sure to bookmark the ones you like and flick through their other recipes. You will find some absolute gems.

Time to transport yourself via your tastebuds to Germany, while cooking in the comfort of your own home.

The Best Traditional German Dishes

1. Traditional German Pretzels

Pretzels are the must-eat snack in Germany! This recipe has perfectly brown pretzels that are glossy and crunchy with salt, coiled into a praying monk’s figure.

Recipe created by Cuisinefiend.

Traditional German Dishes

2. Spaetzle

A recipe for traditional spaetzle; you can also easily turn it into kaese spaetzle (the German equivalent of macaroni and cheese).

Recipe created by Nikki.

Traditional German Dishes

3. German Beef Roulades

Beef roulades are a traditional German main dish. Learn how to make delicious roulades filled with onions, pickled cucumbers, and bacon.

Recipe created by Adina.

Traditional German Dishes

4. Pork Schnitzel

This recipe is a good use for pork chops or chicken breasts and has that wonderfully crunchy texture, with gorgeous succulent meat on the inside.

Recipe created by Amy.

5. German Cherry Crumble

This cherry crumble recipe is based on a German classic: ‘Kirschstreusel’. It is one of the world’s easiest cherry pie recipes.

Recipe created by Maike.

6. Sauerkraut Soup

This sauerkraut soup is a blend of a creamy mashed potato and tomato soup base (common in Doukhobor soups) and German-style sausage soup. It is a rich and delicious soup.

Recipe created by Emillie.

7. German Currywurst

This German currywurst recipe with homemade currywurst ketchup sauce prepared in one pan is an absolute treat. Make this German cult snack at home (it includes an instructional video) and feel as if you are in Gemany.

One of the most traditional German dishes ever.

Recipe created by Helene.

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