7 Valentine’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas For Travellers

Valentine’s Day 2020 is upon us and couples all around the world are beginning to search for the perfect gift. As one of the biggest holidays in many cultures, people shell out lots of money for their partners. In America alone, it was expected that people spent $30 billion on Valentine’s Day last year.

On what, you ask? Everything from candlelit dinners and romantic staycations to standard gifts like chocolate and flowers. With an average spending amount of $357.96, Americans at least are willing to pay top dollar just to treat bae to something extra special.

However, if your someone special loves to travel, it can be especially hard to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. If you can’t afford to buy them a trip to their top bucket list destination (because let’s be real, who can?) here are seven great Valentine’s Day 2020 gift ideas for travellers.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas For Travellers

1. Instant Camera

Even though it’s 2020, one of the hottest crazes of today is the act of taking physical photos. Few things commemorate a trip better than a slew of funky Polaroid photos. So, if you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day 2020 gift idea for your favourite traveller, gift them an instant camera. Throw in a few rolls of film and perhaps a marker for writing notes on the photos and you’ve got yourself quite a cute gift. If you really want to go above and beyond, pair it with a travel-themed photo album.

Image: Instax

2. Vector City Map

If you’re on Instagram then you’ve likely seen those vector city map ads floating around once or twice. And, while they might be a little cliché now, they’re actually one of the best Valentine’s Day 2020 gift ideas for travellers. Why? They’re pretty budget-friendly and there’s truly no better way to commemorate someone’s favourite travel destination. Get it made of a city they fell in love with, a city where you two travelled, or even one where you’re dreaming of travelling together one day.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas For Travellers
Image: Mapiful

3. Travel Gift Cards

From Airbnb to Hotels.com, nearly every major online travel platform now offers gift cards that you can give to the traveller in your life. While it might not seem like it’s a very personal, thoughtful gift, gift cards are pretty invaluable to a savvy traveller who’s always saving up for their next trip. It’s a nice way to help them fund their next adventure. You’re essentially booking them a hotel in Paris or an Airbnb in Buenos Aires. That’s pretty thoughtful when you think of it like that.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas For Travellers
Image: GiftCards.com

4. In-Flight Beauty Kit

Travelling is hard on your skin. And, while you might normally gift your partner something like a day at the spa or a fresh new cologne, it’s hard to do that if they’re always on-the-go. Instead, show them you care about their self-care by giving them an in-flight beauty kit. Yep, they make them for guys too, don’t worry. BeautyRx Airplane Skin Kit puts out a great one that’s designed specifically for flying, complete with products that exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize. How luxurious.

Image: BeautyRx

5. Headphone Splitter

This gift is two-fold in that it really benefits both of you. If you and bae love to travel the world together then you’re likely tired of having to share headphones on long rickety train rides or miss out on Netflix nights when you’re on a long-haul flight. If that’s the case, invest in a headphone splitter. You know, the kind that allows two headphones to be connected through to one audio jack. Problem solved!

Valentine’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas For Travellers
Image: Dertay

6. Priority Pass Membership

As a traveller, few things are more coveted than access to airport lounges. If you really want to give your partner the gift that’ll keep on giving, get them a Priority Pass membership. It’ll grant them access to airport lounges, allowing them to fully rest and rejuvenate on long trips. Plus, they’ll be able to enjoy fy free cocktails, snacks, and WiFi.

Image: Priority Pass

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

We’re calling it now. This is the absolute best Valentine’s Day 2020 gift idea for travellers. Noise-cancelling headphones are the kind of gift we never think to buy for ourselves. So, it’ll be extra special when you give them to your partner, and they’ll surely get a lot of use out of them. Say goodbye to the sounds of that crying baby in seat 19B or the cock-a-doodle-do’ing of the annoying rooster during your trip to a remote city in Southeast Asia.

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