Where do Americans go on Holiday Abroad?

Almost 100 million Americans travelled abroad in 2019. The most popular destination for trips out of the country was south of the border to Mexico. The next most popular destination was north of the border, Canada. Some 39.9 million U.S. residents travelled to Mexico in 2019 and almost 15 million travelled to Canada.  The number of United States residents travelling overseas peaked at 44.81 million in 2019. But where did they go? If you are curious and want to know where Americans go on holiday abroad, then keep reading…

Where do Americans go on holiday abroad?

1. Mexico

Mexico is a very popular destination for Americans to go on holiday abroad as it is a neighbouring country. Many Americans can just fill up their car and drive over the border and go on a Mexican road trip adventure. However, many other Americans also choose to fly to popular resorts like Cancun and Cabo. Others choose to take a cruise and sail down the Baja California peninsula.

2. Canada

Canada is another very popular destination due to its proximity, for many Americans they can just drive over the border. It is also an easy country to visit as most parts of Canada speak English, so there is no language barrier. Some of the popular places to visit are Niagra Falls on the Canadian side and Toronto. However, the most visited place by Americans is Vancouver in British Columbia. Vancouver is famous for its beautiful scenery and its beaches and mountains which attract hikers, bikers, kayakers, and skiers.

where do Americans go on holiday abroad?

3. The United Kingdom

For those Americans who do venture further afield, one of the most popular long haul destinations is the United Kingdom. Americans rate Britain highly for many aspects, for instance, city life, contemporary culture, and sport. On a visit to the UK, London is a must-see for Americans and all its sights including Buckingham Palace and Big Ben as well as its marvellous museums, for example, the National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum.

4. Italy

Italy is a big bucket list destination for Americans. They love to see as much of the country as possible, including its historic cities such as Rome, art cities such as Florence, unique wonders such as Venice and the seat of the Roman Catholic Church at Vatican City. Some of the top draws of Americans include the incredible food, fantastic wine, unspoiled countryside and buzzing beach resorts, for instance, those on the Amalfi Coast.

5. France

France is the second most popular European destination for Americans, just pipped to the post by Italy. Paris is the number one destination for American holidaymakers but the stunning coastline of the Côte d’Azur is also popular as are the cities of Bordeaux and Lyon. In Paris, the Louvre is a big attraction. The beaches on the Côte d’Azur lure in those who want to soak up the sun and vibes. In Bordeaux, vineyard tours are very popular, and Lyon its history and architectural landmarks attract visitors.

where do Americans go on holiday abroad?

6. The Dominican Republic

Situated on the eastern half of the island Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is the most geographically diverse island in the Caribbean. It boasts tropical rainforests, mangroves, waterfalls, savannahs, and just about everything in between. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s most-visited island. Its five-star all-inclusive resorts are a big draw for many American visitors, for example, the Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana.

where do Americans go on holiday abroad?

7. Spain

Spain is the world’s second-most popular holiday spot – France is the most popular. A holiday to Spain or the Balearics almost always guarantees sunny weather. Some of the most popular destinations in Spain with holidaymakers of all nationalities include Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Palma de Mallorca and Granada. Americans like the mix of things to do, for example, the vibrant cities, incredible cuisine, brilliant beaches and authentic mountain villages.

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