best nightlife in canada

Where To Go For The Best Nightlife In Canada

As the second-largest country in the world, Canada has a lot of opportunity to put on a great night out. And it doesn’t disappoint. So much of the country is ‘off-grid’ or secluded, but anywhere you go in Canada, you’ll be met with that trademark hospitality and friendliness. But if you do want to stick to the busier cities and find where to go for a great night out, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven places to go for the best nightlife in Canada.

Best Nightlife in Canada

1. Toronto, Ontario

Canada’s largest city is a shoo-in when it comes to the best nightlife in Canada. The bustling city is a sprawling metropolis of impossibly cool neighbourhoods, diverse cultures, huge art scene, and of course, vibrant nightlife. There are so many districts that offer a fun and energetic night out, spreading across the city. Queen West is the hub of the city’s culture scene, with a plethora of hip, locally-owned bars and clubs. King West is another popular spot for nightlife in Toronto – a thoroughfare of bars, clubs, lounges, pubs, speakeasies, and more. For the city’s most popular gay scene, hotfoot to Church and Wellesley – the LGBTQ+ home of cocktail bars, shows, lounges, clubs, comedy clubs, and more.

best nightlife in canada

2. Montreal, Québec

Montreal is a hugely popular city for foodies, which has naturally expanded into a bustling nightlife scene. With everything from budget backpacker bars to up scale lounges, there’s something for everyone, no matter the scene. One of the most popular areas to go out in Montreal is Rue St. Jacques. There, you’ll find bars, clubs, restaurants, and pubs aplenty. The main artery of Montreal’s nightlife is Rue Crescent and Boulevard St. Laurent, where a stretch of clubs party on until the wee hours. And like every great city, Montreal has a wonderful LGBTQ+ village, simply named the Village. This pedestrian only zone is a super fun and great place for a night out, no matter your sexual orientation.

3. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver undoubtedly has some of the best nightlife in Canada. Its bridge and scenic backdrop of twinkling lights make for a wonderful setting for drinks along the harbour… before the real party gets started! There are several neighbourhoods in Vancouver that are distinguishable by their ability to host a great night out, and one of the most popular is Gastown. Also Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood, Gastown is all about bar hopping and a vibrant atmosphere, with a selection of cocktail bars, Irish pubs, beer halls, wine bars, and more. If you feel like clubbing after a few drinks, head to Granville Street – a high energy, packed thoroughfare of clubs and dancey bars.

best nightlife in canada

4. Québec City, Québec

This French-speaking city gives a little bit of European flavour to Canada. The UNESCO World Heritage city is sprawling with narrow, winding cobbled streets, quaint restaurants, and fascinating galleries. But its charming vibe doesn’t mean that Québec doesn’t have some of the best nightlife in Canada. The storybook city is teeming with nightclubs, bars, pubs, lounges, and more, with a particular love of live shows and music. There are several areas that offer a great night out, but people generally think Grande Allée is the best of them. It’s busy and exciting, with plenty of spots to choose from.

5. Calgary, Alberta

While you might associate Calgary with skiing and visiting the Canadian Rockies, Alberta’s largest city is a bustling hotspot for nightlife. As you can probably imagine from its name, International Avenue is the hub of Calgary’s cultural scene. It’s a great place to start your night, with a delicious meal and visiting great bars. For the heart of Calgary’s nightlife scene, head to 17th Avenue Street. There is a good range of clubs in the city, but you’ll mostly find pubs and bars. And one or two (okay, definitely more) of those will be playing country music – get a cowboy hat on and embrace it!

6. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a wild and beautiful province, known for its gorgeous wines and coastal scenery. It’s certainly one of the more relaxed places in Canada, so you might not expect to find such great nightlife. Well, Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland, and the Celctic spirit runs deep. The distinctive Scottish flair has led to a plethora of great pubs and beer halls, as well as a handful of clubs. The main nightlife area in Halifax is Argyle Street in Downtown. There are some brilliant bars, pubs, live music venues, and more. It is more of a low-key vibe here in Halifax, but with friendly locals, great wine, and incredible scenery, a great night can be had all overt the city.

best nightlife in canada

7. Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is a cool, down to earth city with a local vibe. It has a bustling and exciting nightlife, with plenty of high energy bars and clubs. The city has everything from relaxed pubs to Las Vegas-style clubs, hosting international DJs and performers. Music lovers can’t get enough of Edmonton, there’s something here to suit every taste and preference.

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