Where To Go For The Best Nightlife in Miami

Miami is known for its legendary nightlife. It has some of the best nightlife scenes in Florida, nay, the whole of America! So, if you’re looking for a fun, diverse, and energetic night out, Miami is the place to be. The nightlife scene has spread across the city, with each district having an individual vibe and energy. From wild mega-clubs to chilled lounges, here’s where to go for the best nightlife in Miami.

Best Nightlife in Miami

South Beach

When people think of the nightlife in Miami, they’re probably thinking of South Beach. This area is what’s given Miami its party town status. The beach is lined with superclubs that are booming seven nights a week. They feature international DJs, pop stars, and hip-hop artists. The VIP section is usually teeming with celebrities, but really, in these clubs, everyone’s a VIP!

It’s not all mega-clubs and VIP areas, there’s a huge variety of places to go out here. There are chilled lounges, cocktail bars, quirky beach bars, and plenty of places to have a dance that won’t require passing the velvet rope. If you do want the classic superclub experience (when in Rome, right?), then head to LIV or Story. But you don’t have to go to VIP, ultra-Miami clubs to have a boogie – Bodega or Basement are great high-energy spots.  If you fancy something a bit more chilled, head to Broken Shaker or Sweet Liberty. The nightlife scene might have expanded beyond South Beach, but it’s still got some of the best nightlife in Miami.


Wynwood is Miami’s artsy district. And we mean it when we say artsy – there’s tonnes of galleries, the Museum of Grafitti, the famous Wynwood Walls, and open-air street-art installations. So, you can only imagine that these paint-splashed walls know a thing or two about a good time. There’s an edgy, progressive vibe here, and Wynwood is home to Miami’s coolest bars. The eclectic mix of bars makes this neighbourhood super fun with a mostly young and creative crowd. There’s always something cool about an area of warehouses and seemingly industrial buildings that have turned into bars and clubs, and Wynwood is packed with them. The Wood Tavern is one of the area’s best spots with its chilled atmosphere and funky decor. If you’re loving Wynwood too much to leave for the clubs but still want to have a dance, hotfoot to Gramps, Coyo Taco, or 1-800-LUCKY.

Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is next to Brickell, so the nightlife scene and vibe spread across the two areas. They might be the hubs of finance and business, but they’re also a mecca of dining and entertainment. There are some incredible rooftop bars overlooking the sparkling cityscape, like Area 31. They also do a great happy hour. You can imagine how this area would have a more sophisticated vibe due to the clientele of workers and young professionals, but there are also some edgy, cool spots, too. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll love the Corner, Lostboy, and Mama Tried. And if it’s time to have a dance after a few drinks thanks to the many happy hours in Downtown Miami, you’ll want to make your way to Club Space or E11EVEN.

Coconut Grove

The Coconut Grove, or simply the Grove, is the chilled part of town. It’s a historic neighbourhood, having lived many lives, and now it’s home to waterfront restaurants and bars. It overlooks the Dinner Key Marina and Biscayne Bay, so you know the views are going to be spectacular. You’ll also see a lot of people coming off their sailboats and heading for drinks. It’s a relaxed, bohemian vibe with a nice, friendly feel to it. It’s also close to the University of Miami, so the area caters to university students looking for an affordable and fun night on the town.

There are spots opening all the time on Coconut Grove – we think it’s just getting started! But there are already tonnes of fantastic places to go. If you like a good sports bar, you’ll love Sandbar Sports Grill. Barracuda Taphouse & Grill and Monty’s Raw Bar are other spots where the sailors tend to hang out, with good beers and good food. If you want chic cocktails, the places to be are Bellini and Glass + Vine.

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