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Where To Travel In Order To Find The World’s Best Coffee

Third wave coffee is gaining momentum in the world of specialty brews. So, you might find yourself wondering…just where is the world’s best coffee and who produces it?

The United States recently ranked 26 on the list of countries that consume the most coffee. And, Finland came in at number one. They consume an impressive 12 kg of coffee per person per year, followed by Norway, Iceland and Denmark which can leave you wondering if there’s something special in Scandinavian coffee.

While there’s likely great coffee right in your own backyard, and we’ve certainly ranked more than a few of the best coffee shops, traveling to faraway places is a good way to either try new roasters, experience a different brewing and serving method.

Choosing to travel to a coffee destination is also a great way to introduce your senses to new sights, tastes, and smells that can ignite a renewed passion for the liquid gold you love so much. Get ready to explore the planet in search of the world’s best coffee.

Deciding on a Coffee-Filled Travel Location

To experience the world’s best coffee, you’ll undoubtedly have to do a bit of traveling in order to find it first. Exploring the world in search of a great cup of coffee isn’t a bad way to spend your vacations, but you’ll definitely want to figure out where you’ll need to head first.

When you think of coffee travel destinations, you might automatically think of places such as Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and Kenya, and while these are all fantastic places to visit for great coffee and coffee culture, there are a few hidden gems that will allow you to try coffee while learning new things.

Try to think outside of the box. Don’t just visit coffee plantations. Plan a trip to an unexpected country that brews coffee in a unique way. Or, head to a country with lots of Instagrammable cafes. They’re likely to have pretty great coffee, too.

World's Best Coffee Travel Destinations

Where to Visit for Interesting Brewing and Serving Methods

If you are more interested in the unique ways that different cultures brew and serve their coffee, you’ll definitely want to head to Italy or the Middle East. Neither of these places cultivates coffee. But, they are both known for their intriguing ways in which they brew their coffee.

In Italy, you’ll love trying out a strong espresso made with a Moka. It yields a strong, rich and almost chocolatey cup of coffee. You can find this taste at many cafes all across the country.

From there you can hop on over to a Middle Eastern country such as Turkey or even Greece to experience a coffee brewed with an Ibrik, which is actually the oldest known method for brewing coffee, as the origins of coffee trace all the way back to Yemen. While not quite as strong as the coffee brewed with a Moka, you’ll definitely enjoy the velvety consistency and dark flavor.

Heading Directly to the Source of Coffee Production

If you want to see how coffee is made, you need to head to a country where they produce coffee. There, you can immerse yourself in a true cultural experience. It’ll yield a lot of great stories as well as many out-of-this-world cups of coffee.

Visiting a coffee farm in Colombia or Costa Rica, for example, is a great way to learn about the coffee production process. And, you’ll get to mingle with incredibly nice locals. They’ll likely invite you into their home and brew you a special cup of coffee. They’ll likely make it just the way their family has for centuries. And, that’s what coffee travel is all about.

In Colombia, you can enjoy a tinto. It’s their form of black coffee that they mix with a special sugar called panela. It’s deliciously simple and made straight from the source.

Travel to Coffee Producing Countries

Opening Yourself to New Experiences

Part of being a coffee fanatic is being open to new flavors and experiences. Each time you drink a new cup of coffee, your senses should come alive.

There’s really no way to measure which country, roaster or cafe has the “best” coffee in the world. It’s up to you to enjoy the journey of trying as many cups from as many different cultures as you can. You’ll likely find that there really is no best and that they all offer something interesting and unique.

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