24-Layer Chocolate Cake In New York's

Daily Drool #2: New York’s 24-Layer Chocolate Cake

We love finding the best food from around the world and nothing will make you drool harder than this 24-layer chocolate cake.

Yes you did read that correctly: 24-layers. That’s a huge t-w-e-n-t-y four slices of chocolate cake layered with a thick buttercream filling. Bruce Bogtrotter, eat your heart out – literally.

The cake has been popping up all over social media channels and always gets rave reviews from loyal fans of the Strip House, the luxury steak house restaurant that does the signature dessert.

Strip House have restaurants in Las Vegas and NYC, meaning a little trip stateside is in order for any devout chocolate fan. Surely you couldn’t resist digging into this?

You can see the 12-inch cake being devoured in all its glory here…


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It’s fairly fitting that you’d find something as luxurious and glamorous as this dessert in two of America’s greatest cities.

Forget about New York cheesecake or going gambling in Vegas – we’re planning are entire trip around this cake. The entire 24-layer chocolate cake weighs about 20lbs and takes 12 hours to bake.

Sure, it’s $18 a slice but really you’re getting 24 slices. Right?

We can’t get enough of this slice of chocolate insanity

The cake has become so iconic in America that people are even  recreating it at home with their own recipes

So, if you can’t go to Vegas or New York to eat the original you could try making it at home…

We’ll settle for the original, thanks.

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