48 hours in Zagreb

How To Spend 48 Hours In Zagreb

Croatia’s capital is not one of the first cities people visit, but it should be. The bustling yet relatively small city is a wonderful surprise to most.

Wander the city to see incredible street art, watch a performance at the National Theatre or see the craftsmanship of the city’s impressive architecture.  The charming city is full of art and culture to experience with 48 hours in Zagreb.

48 Hours in Zagreb, Croatia

Friday Afternoon

Breeze through the Zagreb airport and make the 30-minute transfer into the city center or make your way there from the train station. After checking into the Westin, which is located just across from the National Theatre, take a walk around the city to get the lay of the land. The main square, the cathedral, St. Mark’s church and the Green Horseshoe are all must-see stops on a walking tour.

After exploring the city and learning some of its history as a former out-post capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire, head to Vinodol for dinner. It’s an elegant old school restaurant with wonderful Croatian dishes. Check to see if there is any live music playing in Zrinjvac park.

48 hours in Zagreb


To make the most of your time in and around Zagreb, consider taking a quick day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the country’s most popular attractions. The cascading waterfalls and lush lakes are just a short drive from the capital. Walking the trails and seeing the most popular lakes and waterfalls only require about four hours, so there’s still time to do some sightseeing in Zagreb in the late afternoon.

For a more leisurely visit to Zagreb, stay in the city and explore beyond its immediate parameters. Wander Maksmir Park or go for a hike on Sljemen which is just a 30-minute tram ride from the center. The theatre is also quite casual, so think about going to a performance on Saturday night too. Dinner at Fotić is bound to be delicious too.

48 hours in Zagreb

Sunday Morning

Wake up early on Sunday to take one last scenic stroll around the city. Then head for Korica bakery for some of the city’s best freshly-baked pastries, breads and quiches. Take it with you for breakfast in the park, or enjoy a leisurely coffee before transferring back to the airport, train station or bus station.

48 hours in Zagreb

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