Best Truffle Dishes in Zagreb

The 7 Best Truffle Dishes In Zagreb

Truffle dishes are among the most popular for travelers visiting Croatia thanks to the harvest that happens just four hours south of Zagreb on the Istrian peninsula. Whether you prefer classic dishes like truffle pasta or modern takes that use the famous black gold, these are the best truffle dishes in Zagreb worth trying.

Have one, have ’em all – they’re too tasty to pass up.

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1.  Truffle Gnocchi – Restoran Gallo

The truffle gnocchi at Restoran Gallo, a Michelin-recommended restaurant in the centre of Zagreb, is out of this world. Made fresh daily, the fluffy potato pillows are a perfect vehicle for sampling Croatian truffles.

 Best Truffle Dishes in Zagreb

2. Truffle Pasta – Restoran Kerempuh

Restoran Kerempuh sits at the back right corner of Dolac Market, so you know the day’s dishes are always made with the freshest ingredients. For homemade pastas that absorb truffle oil and deliver a flavourful, well-seasoned dish, order any of the truffle pastas here.

 Best Truffle Dishes in Zagreb

3. Truffle Risotto – Bistro Fotić

Risotto is always a good choice in Croatia, and the truffle risotto even more so. Truffle risotto is one of the best truffle dishes in Zagreb to try because the starchy rice soaks up every bit of truffle oil the shaved mushrooms expel and delivers it right back. Order it at Bistro Fotić for a scenic dinner.

 Best Truffle Dishes in Zagreb

4. Truffle Soup – Vinodol

Truffles are also often added to a beef or chicken broth to make truffle soup. The truffle oil easily sits at the forefront of the soup’s flavours while the broth adds depth of flavour and complexity. Order it at Vinodol for a beautiful atmosphere and great food at a classic Zagreb restaurant.

5. Truffle Fries – Submarine Burgers

For a more inventive and modern spin on truffle dishes, visit Submarine Burgers for their legendary truffle tries. Hand-cut and fried, these fries are doused in a special white truffle sauce and topped with shaved Grana Padano cheese.

 Best Truffle Dishes in Zagreb

6. Truffle Oil – Kredenca

Truffle oil is often used in any truffle dish you can order in a restaurant. To take a piece of your culinary Croatian experience home, visit Kredenca or Heritage to buy truffle oil. Heritage is also a restaurant staffed by very knowledgable waiters, so go there to try the oil first.

You can make any dish truffled with this beauty.

7. Truffle Potato Chips

Another creative way to eat truffles in Zagreb is to pick up a bag of truffle potato chips. Visit a Spar grocery store to find a wooden display rack at the front of the store with Croatian food souvenirs, including truffle potato chips.

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