7 Best Zagreb Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is often called “The City of a Million Hearts”, and you’ll see heart-shaped things everywhere you look here.

The Upper Town’s red-roof buildings and colourful cafes make for photogenic snapshots, and while it doesn’t have the Adriatic sea or beaches, there’s lots to do and see here on your travels.

While you’re wandering around this wonderful city, make sure to stop and get a fab Zagreb Instagram picture at these 7 places…

1. Dolac Market

Zagreb’s bustling fruit and vegetable market adds a splash of colour to any Zagreb Instagram shot with its vibrant red umbrellas.

Browse around the stalls selling fresh produce that is bursting with goodness. Bunches of flowers, wooden toys and heart-shaped souvenirs will also add to your photo backdrop.


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2. The Upper Town (Gornji Grad)

The charming old upper town area of Zagreb is full of cobblestone streets, museums (check out The Museum of Broken Relationships) and cute restaurants.

What makes it so Instagrammable? Well, the fact it’s high up on a hill gives you an amazing view of the terracotta roofs below, and the main square is a medieval gem.


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3. Botaničar

This aesthetically pleasing cafe/culture venue/greenhouse/bar is right beside the Zagreb botanical gardens and is dreamy. 

Their green velvet sofas, jungle-style plants and cocktails with flower petals in them have simply got to make it into your Zagreb Instagram post.


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4. St. Mark’s Church

This is one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb dating from the 13th century. It’s also the most iconic building in the city, thanks to its signature colourful tiled roof.

Stand in front of it, look up at its beauty and capture the moment.


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5. Mirogoj Cemetery

Mirogoj Cemetery is often described as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe – and you’ll see why when you visit.

Covered in ivy, the resting place of many poets and composers is straight out of a fairytale. The tiled arcades that surround the cemetery provide a place to stop and think for a few moments.


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6. Grič Tunnel

A funky underground tunnel that often hosts cultural events and art installations, Grič Tunnel is a stellar spot to take some Insta photos.

It was built during WWII for shelter from air raids, and only reopened to the public in 2016. It gets bonus points for being a shortcut to cool down in during the hot summer months.


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7. Zrinjevac Park

One of loveliest hangout spots in Zagreb is this picturesque park near the main railway station. In summer there’s DJs and pop-up stalls and in winter you can sip on mulled wine among fairylights.

No better place to relax in the city.


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