The 7 Best Pizzas In Vancouver

The 7 Best Pizzas In Vancouver

Forget about poutine (just for a minute, okay?) – Vancouver pizza is where it’s at. By ‘it’ we mean the most satisfyingly delicious pies and slices that would make even an Italian jealous.

The pizza scene here ranges from greasy-yet-gourmet slices to authentic wood-fired pies that you would happily eat every weekend. This is one city where carb lovers will be safe and sound.

We’ve rounded up the best of the best pizzas in Toronto, so get feasting…

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1. Spacca Napoli

Spacca Napoli are experts in making the best pizzas in Vancouver, serving local craft beers, and pulling shots of creamy espresso – what more could you need in life?

The wood-burning oven and close attention to the traditional Italian details means this is the real deal. Fior di latte instead of mozzarella adds extra creaminess to the pies and the toppings include truffle cream and cured meats.

Spacca Napoli Pizzas in Vancouver

2. Pizzeria Ludica 

Droolworthy pizza baked to perfection in a stone oven. As well as all your usual suspects for toppings, they also do a great range of vegan pizzas. But cheese lovers should go for the Parcheesi with mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta, smoked gouda, parmesan.

Plus, there’s hundreds and hundreds of board and card games free to play with every meal.

Pizzeria Ludica 

3. Pizzeria Farina 

Pizzeria Farina brings traditional Neapolitan pizza with chewy crusts, rich tomato sauce and perfectly placed chunks of mozzarella that melts in your mouth. They serve up pies to eat-in and take away daily until the dough runs out. Which, by the way, it often does, so get here early.

Pizzeria Farina in Vancouver

4. Nicli Antica Pizzeria

This Gastown favourite has certified Neapolitan-style pies that never fail to deliver on flavour. If you’re looking for quality, authentic pizza in Vancouver served by friendly staff, you’ll find all of that and more here.

You can’t go wrong with a visit here when in the mood for a classic Vancouver pizza.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria

5. Bufala

Bufala make fresh, scratch-made classic & contemporary pizzas in the traditional Naples style – blistered to perfection in their 800 degree stone oven. Even something as simple as their Margherita is outstanding: it’s smothered in fior di latte, fresh basil, maldon salt and a tangy marinara sauce.

Bufala Pizzas in Vancouver

6. Supreme Pizza

Supreme Pizza is where you need to go when you just want a greasy, cheesy pizza to eat in front of the TV. Forget about Pizza Hut or any generic pizza chains – this takeout joint has the best (and cheapest) pizzas to go.

A foolproof pie that always hits the spot.

Supreme Pizza
Image: tasteofvancouver/Instagram

7. Caffé Di Beppe

Di Beppe is inspired by the Italian immigrant’s desire to share a piece of home while living abroad, so they share all their traditional recipes and love of food. A charming cafe-restaurant with imported groceries for sale, this is a great find.

Grab a square slice of pizza for a quick lunch or settle in with a full metre-size pizza with some friends.

Caffé Di Beppe Pizza in Vancouver

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