Fairytale Castles In Romania

7 Fairytale Castles In Romania

Romania is complete with impressive mountain ranges, enchanting medieval towns and a history that is unique in and of itself. Combine all three of these things, and you’ve got some of the most magical castles in Europe. These fairytale castles in Romania are unmissable…

Read on to see everything from Romania’s neo-renaissance palace set at the foot of the Carpathian mountains to its mysterious gothic style castle surrounded by village lore.

7 Fairytale Castles In Romania

1. Corvin

Corvin’s Castle is in Hunedoara Romania, and its history is as fascinating as the castle is beautiful. Along with being one of Europe’s largest castles, it’s also one of the most important. Built as a defence against the Ottoman Empire it also protected much of the rest of Europe.

Without this castle, who knows how far the Ottomans would have advanced into Europe?

2. Bran

Myths, legends and intrigue practically ooze out of Castle Bran. While most of the castle looks like something from a story book, some of its history is much darker. In fact, it was this castle along with the regions folklore that inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula. While the total history of the castle isn’t all that spooky, it’s sure full of stories that’ll make you think twice.

3. Peleș

The unique and charming Neo-Renaissance style of this Peleș Castle is breathtaking and a must-see for any architecture lover. Built just on top of the medieval route linking two of Romania’s most famous regions, Wallachia and Transylvania, there’s much to be explored. The jaw-dropping murals along the inner walls, the secret library and the massive armoury room are the highlights.

4. Pelișor

Peleșor Castle is the baby brother to Peleș but is just as impressive to look at. It was built as a smaller castle in the same complex, and the Saxon influence is just as obvious as in Peleș. If you can, it’s better to catch both Peleș and Pelișor in the fall when the foliage is in full swing.

5. Banffy Castle

This 14th Century palace is one of Transylvania’s largest and considered a treasure of Baroque work. It was coined a “Transylvanian Versailles” in its prime and given the aristocratic tenants and Marie-Antoinette indulgences; it’s not hard to see why.

6. Sturdza Palace

Tucked away in the trees of Miclăușeni, Sturdza Palace is magical. Sadly, during WWII, communists ransacked the palace and ran off with most of its valuable artefacts. Despite this, much of the original allure is still found with its notorious secret passageways and a little imagination. Nowadays, Romanians are determined to revive the historic palace by putting on annual soirees with a vintage twist.

7. Mikó Castle

Mikó Castle was Miercurea Ciuc’s most crucial fortification during the 17th century. Now functioning as a Székely heritage museum, it pays homage to the people who made it happen. The Székelys were a small group of ethnic Hungarians living in the Székely region of Hungary.

The name “Székely” comes from a Hungarian phrase for “frontier guards” which is why Miko Castle is not only worth it for the views, but the history around the people who inhabited it as well.

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