Best Bars in Brasov Romania

7 Of The Best Bars In Brasov

Travelling through Romania? You’ve likely added Transylvania to your bucket list, and for a good reason. The weaving, winding roads that traverse their way through the Carpathian Mountains lead you straight to the charming city of Brasov.

Colourful Baroque buildings line the streets of the cobblestone-covered city, creating an almost fairytale-like atmosphere in which travellers can indulge in a variety of local restaurants, lively cafes, and some charming wine bars.

Go ahead and make Brasov your home base for exploring the Transylvania region of Romania. And, plan on visiting any one of our picks for the best bars in Brasov after a full day of learning about the region’s rich history.

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1. Times Pub

The Times Pub claims to have the best after-party in town and we’re not arguing with that. Part pub and part nightclub, this Brasov hotspot offers everything you’re likely after and so much more. They’re known for offering strong drinks from friendly staff who love to throw a good party. Head over for themed nights, lively pub games, and some of the best music in Brasov.

Best Bars In Brasov

2. Bistro de l’Arte

If you’re simply after a quiet place to enjoy a few drinks or perhaps share a bottle of wine with whoever you’re travelling with then Bistro de l’Arte is the place for you. The charming location feels historic in nature and you can enjoy everything from beers and cocktails to aperitifs and wines. However, while we suggest sampling some local Romanian wine, we definitely do suggest asking one of the bartenders to mix you a cocktail. They really know what they’re doing here.

Best Bars In Brasov

3. Social Pub

Social Pub delivers just that…a social pub for weary travellers to pull up to and enjoy mingling with locals and other tourists. Each night this cute little bar holds events and entertainment for visitors to take part in, ranging from live music to fun events. The bar is promoted and known as “the city’s living room,” so expect super cosy vibes mixed with a typical European pub atmosphere.

Brasov Romania Bars

4. Bibliotheque Pub

Themed bars are always intriguing, especially when travelling abroad. And, the Bibliotheque Pub is one of the best bars in Brasov for international visitors interested in a vintage bar filled with bookshelves and even a cute alcohol library. Count on laid-back vibes here, as they offer cocktails, craft Romanian beer, coffee, and a pretty great menu featuring elevated pub fare. Definitely treat yourself to a burger here.

Cute Bars in Brasov

5. Dr. Jekelius Pharmacy Cafe

Pharmacy-themed apothecary drinks served in an equally inventive space? Count us in! Dr. Jekelius Pharmacy Cafe is perhaps one of the most creative bars in Brasov. They’ll whip up some tasty cocktails for you and serve them in beakers, buckets, and mixing glasses. While the drinks actually are pretty tasty, this is easily one of the best bars in Brasov for the sheer Instagrammability of it all.

Best Bars in Brasov Romania

6. Publick

If techno and electronic music are your jam then schedule an evening of fun at Publick Cafe. This two-story cafe doubles as a cocktail bar, meaning you can head here for a latte in the afternoon and stay on through the evening. Locals flock to this place, which means you’ll be able to practice your Romanian amidst a few cheeky cocktails and some thumping music. For a break, relax out on the terrace if it’s warm enough.

7. Tipografia

For the most relaxed, chilled out bar experience in Brasov, check out Tipografia. It’s one of the best cafes in town. But, it’s also one of the best spots to enjoy a beer or two. You can even people-watch through the large oversized windows. And, they cater to pretty much every taste, offering artisanal beers, local wines, and craft cocktails. Tack on some pretty great mood music and it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular spot to be.

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