7 Great Restaurants In NYC & Brooklyn For Outdoor Dining

7 Great Restaurants in NYC & Brooklyn for Outdoor Dining

It goes without saying that we are in absolute awe at the adaptability and perseverance of restaurants around the world during this pandemic. Particularly, in New York City where creating outdoor dining spaces at the drop of a hat and being confined to streets and sidewalks has been no easy feat. So we want to recognize some of our favorite spots who are just crushing al fresco dining. Here are seven great restaurants in NYC and Brooklyn for outdoor dining.

From Greenpoint and Williamsburg over to the Lower East Side, West Village, and Tribeca, these are the best of the best experiences.

Amazing Outdoor Dining Spots in NYC & Brooklyn

In no particular order, here are seven restaurants that are crushing outdoor dining…

1. Rule of Thirds, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

A neutral and minimal outdoor space with a somewhat industrial feel in gorgeous Greenpoint. Rule of Thirds serves up some of the most innovative and delicious food and cocktails in Brooklyn. As a partnership between the people behind Sunday in Brooklyn and two former Okonomi chef/managers, you know it’s gonna be goooood.

Japanese home cooking styles and izakaya culture combined with local ingredients make Rule of Thirds an incredible outdoor dining experience.

Image credit: @thirdsbk/Instagram

2. Rahi, West Village, NYC

Rahi’s outdoor dining not only includes a cocktail bar, but also a live tandoori grill and fresh Kulfi stand (AKA traditional Indian ice cream). For food, we recommend going full family-style. Order a bunch of small grilled plates and a few large plates (goat biryani is a must) for the full Rahi experience. Oh, and a stack of garlic and buttered naan. Oh, AND a cocktail or three, because their bar program is filled with way-too-easy-to-sip cocktails. 

Image credit: @estef_michel/Instagram

3. Oxomoco, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

As far as patio setups go, Oxomoco manages to make their outdoor dining space just as exotic and vibey as their indoor space.

The big winners on Oxomoco’s menus are, of course, the guacamole, the tuna tostada, and one of each taco. Wash it all down with an icy margarita… *chef’s kiss*

Image credit: @_oxomoco_/Instagram

4. Wildair, Lower East Side, NYC

From the team behind beloved Contra comes Wildair on the LES. Think casual but carefully-curated natural wine bar with unexpected and unique food. Now served in a cute ‘n’ quirky outdoor dining area. You shouldn’t dare leave without downing a jello shot.

Also, their pastries are out of this world… out of this universe, even. Honorable mention goes to the strawberry and peanut puffy roll. If you can grab one before they sell out, you’ve basically won the lottery, congrats.

Image credit: @supericakr/Instagram

5. Locanda Verde, Tribeca, NYC

When it comes to put-together outdoor dining setups, Locanda Verde has hit the nail on the head (literally). From the wood veranda style structure and lush greenery to the atmospheric lighting and appropriate spacing – it’s all just lovely. Therefore, we had to add them to this list of great restaurants in NYC and Brooklyn for outdoor dining.

You really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu, but we highlyyyy recommend the fire-roasted garlic chicken, gnocchi, and tonnarelli cacio e pepe. Bon appetit!

Locande Verde NYC outdoor dining
Image credit: @locandaverde/Instagram

6. Boucherie, West Village and Union Square, NYC

Boucherie has taken distanced dining super seriously and done a great job at creating a safe but stylish experience complete with custom partitions.

And as for their food. Steak, glorious steak is the highlight at this iconic French brasserie and steakhouse. In addition to amazing wines, classic drinks, and absinthe-driven signature cocktails. Trust us when we tell you to order the steak frites and a glass of red. Simple but so, so good.

Image credit: @boucherienyc/Instagram

7. Birds of a Feather, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Our undeniable favorite on this list has got to be Birds of a Feather. Not just because they have absolutely nailed outdoor dining, but because their food is some of the most reliably damn good Szechuan around. We also love how they’re killing two birds with one stone by growing real veggies from their outdoor dining planters. So cool. So smart.

Non-negotiable dim sum order items include spicy and sour tofu pudding, steamed soup buns, steamed chicken curry dumplings, and the Dan Dan noodles. Oh and throw an order or two of scallion pancakes in there for dipping and mopping up all of the leftover, saucy goodness.

Did we mention how reasonable their prices are? Dinner and drinks here rarely cost more than $30/head. Count us in anytime you wanna go.

Outdoor dining birds of a feather nyc
Image credit: @birdsofafeatherbk/Instagram

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