7 Most Haunted Places in North Dakota

If you love ghost stories and things that go bump in the night, then you’ll love our list of haunted locations across The Peace Garden State. With plenty of paranormal places, this is one spooky destination. So, if you are a ghost hunter or supernatural savant looking for a ghoulishly good time, here are some of the most haunted places in North Dakota.

7 Most Haunted Places in North Dakota

1. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Mandan

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is located 7 miles south of Mandan. Officials established it in 1907 making it the oldest state park in North Dakota. One of the most haunted parts of the park is the Custer House, once the home of General Custer. Apparently, the general’s good wife roams the building. She wears a black dress and slams doors as she moves about. Others believe that Custer himself roams the grounds, too. You might also see ghosts dressed in blue who are soldiers who never got mortally discharged from duty.

2. Riverside Cemetary, Fargo

This Fargo cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted places in North Dakota. Riverside Cemetery began in 1878 with the first recorded burial and visitors claim to have heard knocking sounds coming from the inside of the mausoleum. There are also reports of voices coming from gravestones.

3. The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm, Fargo

The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm is housed in a brick farmhouse that dates back to 1976. The ghost of Elizabeth Yunker haunts the building. Witnesses claim she hangs around upstairs close to where most of the interactive activities take place. Other visitors to the museum report seeing a young child standing by a well. This is believed to be the ghost of a child who died in the well many years ago.

4. Stairway to Hell, Tagus

Tagus is a tiny abandoned prairie town haunted by phantom trains and hell hounds. The “Stairway to Hell” is a paranormal hotspot located at the spot of an old Lutheran church. The church was once a hotbed for Satanic worship – there was a large upside-down cross, a mark of Satanism, painted on the front of the building. Vandals burned the church down some time ago, but legend has it that the stairway to hell lies under its foundation. If you stand on the exact spot, you can hear the screams of those condemned to hell.
Haunted places in North Dakota
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5. Medora Fudge Ice Cream Depot, Medora

Though this location sounds sweet, it is really haunted. The Medora Fudge and Ice Cream Depot is home to one ghost. She lives inside the building but only appears once a year on her birthday. However, witness say that there is paranormal activity all year round. There are reports of unnatural cold spots and strange noises in the small store.

Haunted places in North Dakota

6. NDSU Campus, Fargo

Two ghosts separately haunt two halls at NDSU. A man who hung himself from a heating pipe within the building haunts Ceres Hall. Students have reported seeing lights on entire floors going out and feeling a strange eerie presence. The most haunted areas of the building are the basement and the third floor. Over at Minard Hall, students report uneasy in the building at times for seemingly no reason. Apparently, a double homicide once took place at the site of the building.

Haunted places in North Dakota

7.  The Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck

A ghost who is affectionately known as the ‘Stack Monster’ haunted the Liberty Memorial Building in Bismarck up until 1981. In that year, the Historical Society moved out of the building and the hauntings stopped. One employee reports seeing the Stack Monster leaving the building. She saw the main door of the building open and close by itself just before the move took place. Whilst the Stack Monster was haunting the building, there was various unexplained activity, including phantom footsteps, shadowy figures, and disembodied voices.
Haunted places in North Dakota
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