7 Most Unique Brunch In New York

The 7 Most Unique Brunch Joints In New York

Brunch habits die hard. 

It can be so easy to roll out of bed on those cherished weekend days and rock up to your same ol’, same ol’ brunch spot. But it’s time to shake things up and see what else this city has to offer. 

Here are some of the most unique brunch joints in New York City & surrounding boroughs for when you want to switch things up and take a walk on the wild side (of brunch)…

Unique brunch in New YorkHow do these rankings work?

1. Carthage Must Be Destroyed 

Heaven is a place on earth at Aussie-run Carthage Must Be Destroyed in Bushwick. 

An unwavering focus on the colour pink, high-quality ingredients and fresh AF produce often leaves diners speechless. Literally. 

Go big or go home – opt for multiple plates and enjoy them family style with your mates for the ultimate dining experience of enormous toasts, overspilling fruit plates and the best damn yogurt on planet earth. 

Only con about this place is that you have to be careful when snapping photos outside of your “personal space” – a warning on their menu reads: “no photo shoots / no commercial or media photography inside or outside”. 

Luckily for you though, we snuck this one for the ‘gram:

Carthage Must Be Destroyed  in New York
Image: Alana Laverty

2. Jing Fong

There is no better way to start the day than with dim sum for brunch. 

Another opportunity for family-style dining arises at Jing Fong in Manhattan’s Chinatown where staff push carts of steaming dishes around the premier 800-seat dining hall. 

With over 40 years of experience serving dim sum to the masses of fans in NYC, you won’t be disappointed. Try the siu mai, Shanghai dumplings and pork buns and prepare for the oncoming food coma.

brunch in New York
Image: @chubbychinesegirleats/Instagram

3. Red Rooster 

This Harlem joint is a favourite with Barack Obama and if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us.

The Red Rooster serves comfort food celebrating the roots of American cuisine and the diverse culinary traditions of the neighbourhood. Indulge in Marcus’ cornbread, chicken and waffles, grits and to-die-for biscuits. 

On Sundays, if you’re lucky enough, you can head downstairs for a spirited soul food brunch buffet accompanied by the gospel tunes of Vy Higgenen’s Sing Harlem Choir. An unforgettable experience.

Red Rooster Brunch
Image: @roosterharlem/Instagram

4. Win Son

If you’re looking to have one of the best meals of your life, head over to East Williamsburg to the highly acclaimed Win Son for a Taiwanese-American feast. 

Tawainese for brunch? Yup. You better believe. 

Order the big chicken and waffles and the pan-grilled pork buns, or their legendary HUGE fried chicken bun. Or if you really wanna ball out, get the gang together and opt for their abundant family-style menu. 

Taiwanese-American feast
Image: @laurashoots/Instagram

5. Le Coucou

Back over to Manhattan for this gem.  Definitely on the sexier side for brunch, Le Coucou is perfect for a first date. 

If you can even believe, the food is even more incredible than the interiors. Honorable mentions go to the steak ‘n’ eggs, or as they call it filet mignon, beurre maître d’hotel – fancy. 

Don’t leave without enjoying a pastry basket for the table (or just inhaling it yourself).

Le Coucou in New York
Image: @snaveassiram/Instagram

6. Chez Ma Tante 

France meets Canada at this Greenpoint bistro where the pancakes are known to bring a tear to one’s eye. They’re THAT good, and huge. Yup, Chez Ma Tante’s on that big pancake energy. 

We will go on no longer. This picture should suffice:

Chez Ma Tante’s
Image: @chubbychinesegirleats/Instagram

7. Miss Ada 

If Australian, Chinese, American soul food, Taiwanese, French or Canadian don’t tickle your fancy, look no further than Miss Ada in Fort Greene. 

As far as unique brunch in New York places go, this spot packs punch although blink and you may miss it from outside. Reservations are few and far between here but it’s definitely worth the wait. 

Feast on famous shakshuka eggs, steak and eggs, labne, hummus and other small plates for a brunch to remember. Or to forget, simply add spicy harissa Bloody Marys.

Miss Ada brunch
Image: @missadanyc /Instagram

So go forth, eat brunch and be merry or check out these outdoor hot spots for dining & drinking in New York.

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