The best bars in Bari, Italy

7 Of The Best Bars In Bari

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon Apérol spritz or a nightcap, there are plenty of great Italian cafes for a drink. Try these best bars in Bari.

You’ll find all of your classic Italian favourites and more.

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1. Opus Pistorum

This eclectic and cozy bar makes great cocktails and serves light bar snacks like olives and potato chips too. There’s tons of outdoor seating, though the interior is fun and lively. Order a classic or choose from the signature drink menu for a modern twist.

The best Bari bars in Italy

2. La Ciclatera

This stone-walled pub is intimate and warm. The service is fast and friendly, and they make delicious chocolate specialty drinks. Take a seat and order your go-to or try something sweeter for a dessert-like nightcap.

3. Mercantile Nove

This wine bar in old town Bari is a great stop for an apertif or afternoon light bite. They serve Apulian specialties such as cured meats and cheese boards too. So, order a bottle and settle in for a leisurely drink.

Best bars in Bari, Italy

4. Luau Tiki Bar

This tropical-themed bar is young and stylish. They make killer cocktails that are often sweeter and fruit-based, though there are tons of options to choose from. Try the Missionary’s Downfall which is a mint and pineapple number with honey and lime.

5. Speakeasy Bari

This speakeasy-themed bar is design-forward and exudes a warm atmosphere. The drinks are well-made and the scene is often buzzing. Try one of their house drinks for something new.

6. Reverso

This bar features live music regularly and serves a good range of drinks. The beer menu includes great IPAs and the wine selection is, of course, top-notch too. Their cocktails are strong and often sweeter, though classics are always an option too.

7. Bar Moderno

This bistro and bar is clean and modern with a staff that is friendly and helpful. The popular stop has plenty of outdoor seating for nice days and their cocktails are well-made too. Order a nice glass of wine or choose from classic and fruit-forward cocktails.

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