Best things to do in Bari, Italy

7 Unmissable Things To Do In Bari

Bari might be a small port city connecting to other destinations along the Meditteranean and Adriatic, but there’s plenty to see there too. Try these best things to do in Bari, Italy.

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1. Go to the beach

Few things sound as wonderful as an Italian beach, and the capital of Puglia is not without them. Soak up some sun on Pane e Pomodoro beach or venture to Torre Quetta. If you ask around, you are bound to find more secluded inlets too.

Best Bari things to do in Italy

2. See the Basilica San Nicola

Consecrated in 1197, this church is an important pilgrimage stop for Roman Catholics as well as Eastern Orthodox Christians. Whether a believer or not, the ancient church is an impressive work of architecture and history that is worth venturing into.

Best Bari things to do in Italy

3. Tour the Teatro Petruzzelli

Another stunning work of architecture, this theatre opened in 1903 and remains a beautiful work of art in addition to the performances it holds. Go beyond the facade and tour the interior, but be sure to check the calendar to catch a play, opera or ballet. So, don’t miss the opportunity if your visit aligns with a performance.

Best Bari things to do in Italy

4. Wander the walls of the Castello Normanno-Svevo

A former castle built in roughly 1132, the walls are now used as a museum. There are both permanent and temporary exhibitions, and visiting is worth seeing the structure in and of itself. So plan an afternoon visit both in and around the towering stone fortress.

5. People watch at the Piazza Del Ferrarese

The Piazza del Ferrarese is one of the most popular squares in old town Bari. It’s bordered by the fish market, which makes for lively entertainment, but it’s also a great spot for people watching and relaxing. Sit at a cafe and order an espresso to while away an hour or two.

6. Shop the Palazzo Mincuzzi

Constructed in 1928, this commercial shopping center is a beautiful building to see alone. The window shopping is also worthwhile, however. Walk along the arcades and enjoy the atmosphere.

Best things to do in Bari, Italy

7. Visit the Galleria Doppelgaenger

Located within a medieval building, this is an unusual art gallery. The contemporary art museum is where the featured artists both live and display their work. Observe the latest installation and speak with those working inside for a chance to meet the artists themselves.

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