The 7 Best Bars In Miami

7 Of The Best Bars In Miami

With the weather being incredibly warm throughout the year in Miami, it’s safe to say that people here are able to go out for a few libations frequently here. It’s definitely a party town here and with so many great entertainment options, there are many excellent bars in Miami.

These are just seven of the best bars in Miami.

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1. Gramps

When you step inside of Gramps for the first time, you can’t help but feel that it’s a bit of a more hip version of a dive bar. But at Gramps, you’re going to get some super strong cocktails and they even have their own pizza parlour in this bar.

You’ll have an eclectic time at Gramps with any of their margarita cocktails and then maybe a slice of their Margherita pizza too!

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2. Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company

If you enjoy 90’s music (most hip hop), great cocktails, and an awesome bar/club vibe, then come to Sweet Liberty. This all-ages bar brings together everyone in the neighbourhood for some loud, bass-thumping fun. Come a few hours before the party starts and swing by for $5 cocktails and $1 oysters at their happy hour.

At this party place, swing by the bar and grab a beer and spend the night dancing and singing away to old-school music hits.

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company in Miami

3. Broken Shaker

Broken Shaker is definitely one of the more interesting and exciting bars in Miami for its sheer location. You’ll find this fun-loving bar inside of a hostel with a dynamic Miami flair to it. This tropical-like outdoor bar has great cocktails and even better company here.

With a Miami tropical feel to this bar, you gotta get a punch bowl! Big enough to not be able to chug in one shot and delicious enough to not want to try another drink.

Broken Shaker in Miami

4. The Anderson

The Anderson is another tropical-themed bar in Miami, that sports a retro and 80’s vintage vibe. They serve up a rotating and seasonal collection of cocktails that are even available on their late night happy hour menu.

For a spicy kick, get the spiced-rum based cocktail, Don’t Call Me Shirley.

The Anderson Bars

5. Wood Tavern

Another party place for great cocktails and feel-good vibes is at Wood Tavern. Here, old-school hip hop blares over their speakers in this airy indoor and outdoor bar in Miami.

Chill out with a beverage on their backyard patio and make some new friends on the shared picnic table.

Wood Tavern Bars

6. Lagniappe

Lagniappe is a really charming and chic place for a few cocktails and some light live jazz music. A lot of the character and flair really comes alive in their backyard seating area where conversations are light and the drinks are ever-flowing.

Lagniappe is not your regular bar – here, grab whatever beverage you want from their cooler-fridge, pay for it at the till, and then make your way to the backyard seating area for the fun vibes.


7. Blackbird Ordinary

Blackbird Ordinary has arguably the quickest bartenders and the best happy hour in Miami. In this quirky yet chic bar, bartenders pluck herbs from the wall of plants behind them and use that in their cocktails.

Come to Blackbird and doublefist the Arnold Palmer cocktail, which is buy one and get one free during their 3-8p.m. happy hour.

Blackbird Ordinary

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