7 Best Bars In San Francisco

7 Of The Best Bars In San Francisco

San Francisco is a large metropolitan city that has some of the most creative mixologists thanks in part to the welcoming, forward-thinking attitudes of bar owners here. The creativity that is encouraged has led to an emergence of new, hip, and trendy bars in San Francisco.

Here are the seven best bars in San Francisco.

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1. Trick Dog

Trick Dog was an old warehouse that is now, today, one of San Francisco’s best bars. It is gained a reputation as one of the best bars in the USA because of its expansive and detailed cocktail menu that changes twice a year.

Since they change menus frequently, get your favourite cocktail here or ask for a recommendation for one of their creative concoctions.

Trick Dog Bar San Francisco

2. Pacific Cocktail Haven

Pacific Cocktail Haven or P.C.H., as they’re known by the sign inside, is a tropical-theme bar that makes creative and cocktails. The bartenders here push the boundaries with the mixology of cocktails by infusing different flavours such as curry, celery, and corn, to name a few.

Try the Miso Old Fashioned here which is just an Old Fashioned finished off with miso-butter rum.

Pacific Cocktail Haven Bar In San Francisco

3. The Interval at Long Now

The Interval at Long Now is definitely one of the most eclectic bars in San Francisco. One-third, museum, one-third cafe, and one-third bar, The Interval has a long list of cocktails that are made by bartenders who care about the details of every drink.

There are six different variations of an Old Fashioned. Ask the bartender for the differences between the six and pick the one you like the best.

The Interval at Long Now In San Francisco

4. Bourbon & Branch

Bourbon & Branch is a speakeasy bar in San Francisco that is a classy and hip spot for a Bourbon. The bartenders play up the classy speakeasy vibe dressed in their most dapper outfits.

Beware though, you need a reservation AND a password to enter this exclusive bar adding more appeal to this already charming bar.

Bourbon & Branch Bar In San Francisco

5. Anina

Anina is one of San Francisco’s newer bars but has received rave reviews from locals and tourists alike. The kitschy Caribbean flair to the decor and its wide-ranging beverages menu (beers in cans to punch bowls) makes this spot ideal for anyone just looking to have a libation.

With the Caribbean-like atmosphere, you have to try their tiki-styled Tropical Punch Bowl.

Anina Bar In San Francisco

6. Zombie Village

Zombie Village is by far, the coolest bar in San Francisco, hands down. Sounding more morbid than it really is, this tiki bar flashes the perfect combination of best vibe and best drinks.

You need to come to this bar for its fabulous ambiance and the chance to rent your own Tiki hut while you have your drinks!

Zombie Village Bar

7. ENO Wine Bar

ENO Wine Bar is one of a handful of wine bars in San Francisco but is the best one. This bar is in downtown and features over 150 different wines from the USA and internationally.

What’s best about this bar is that you can get some cheese and chocolate to go with your wine or you can have the Eno Experience Taster, a lovely charcuterie board to pair with your wines.

ENO Wine Bar

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