7 Of The Best Bars In Santorini

7 Of The Best Bars In Santorini

The beautiful island of Santorini is a paradise dream vacation and is part of the cyclades islands. You can enjoy a few boozy beverages and there are many party venues and bars in Santorini you can drink at.

After all, sundowners are practically essential here. Sunset views, cocktail in hand – perfection.

Here are the seven best bars in Santorini.

Best bars in SantoriniHow do these rankings work?

1. PK Cocktail Bar

PK Cocktail Bar is located in the central part of Santorini in Fira and directly overlooks the sea. From this outdoor bar, you can see one end of the island in Oia to the other end of the island in Akrotiri.

Relax and take in the views of the island as you sip on their refreshing cocktails, PK Mojito or Watermelon Margarita.

PK Cocktail Bar Santorini

2. Chilli

Chilli Bar is one of Santorini’s most popular bars and is where people come to party! You’ll hear loud, bass-thumping music at this bar as you meet other tourists and dance the night away.

Located near Perivolos Beach, spend the day at the beach and then head on down to Chilli Bar for one of the city’s best bars.

Chilli Bar

3. Franco’s

Franco’s Cafe is right in the centre of Santorini and takes a bit of effort to get to, as it sits perched up on a hill. The reward of a cocktail or beer of your choice will make the trek so worth it once you get there.

You really can’t go wrong with any one of their 15 cocktails on their menu as you slowly watch the sun set high up on this hill.

Franco's Santorini

4. Kira Thira Jazz Bar

Kira Thira Jazz Bar is the most notable jazz bar in Santorini and is the oldest bar in Fira. Come here for some excellent live jazz performances and a great vibes from the tourists that come to this bar.

Buy a bottle of local Santorini wine and sip on that as the jazz notes of this bar carries you into the night. Bliss.

Kira Thira Jazz Bar

5. Tropical Bar

Tropical Bar is also in central Santorini and offers riveting views of the caldera (blue domed tops that are all over Instagram!). The bar is actually run by an American expat and he makes the best margaritas in Santorini.

Get a tropical drink at the Tropical Bar and try one of his island-famous margarita cocktails.

Tropical Bar Santorini

6. Two Brothers Bar

Two Brothers Bar is a bar that is, you guessed it, run by two brothers, Dimitris and Giannis. Guests come to this party bar to listen to loud, ground-shaking house/EDM and RnB music. The catchy tunes on loop here often turns into one big bar singalong!

Come to this lively and energetic bar for great vibes and better drinks.

Two Brothers Bar

7. Casablanca Soul Bar

Casablanca Soul Bar is another hotspot for late-night partying in Santorini. The bartenders at this bar make exotic cocktails perfectly and the in-house DJ spins tunes all night long.

Bring your dancing shoes with you to this bar club and get one of their refreshing Champagne-based cocktails.

Casablanca Soul Bar Santorini

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