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7 Of The Best Bars In St.Petersburg

Despite having only half the population of Russian capital city, Moscow, it almost seems like there are just as many bars in St.Petersburg as there are in Moscow. There are many great cocktail bars, beer bars, and wine bars in St.Petersburg that will suit your booze cravings.

These are the seven best bars in St.Petersburg.

The best bars in St.PetersburgHow do these rankings work?

1. Redrum Bar

The name might throw you for a loop, but the drinks here won’t! Redrum Bar is actually one of St.Petersburg’s leading brew bars that serve up the best beers in town. They are credited with being the pioneers of the craft brewing revolution in Russia so you know you’ll get some top-notch beers here.

If you love hops, you’ll love their signature beer, the Redrum IPA.

Redrum Bar St.Petersburg

2. Dead Poets Bar

The vibe and ambiance at Dead Poets Bar is hip, chic, and lively. This trendy bar sports a highly sophisticated cocktails menu that are prepared by some of the city’s best mixologists.

Locals flock here for their whiskey and vodka cocktails.

Dead Poets Bar

3. Mishka Bar

Mishka Bar pulls double duty and serves as a cafe during the day that transforms into a nightclub at night. This bar is the place for live music sets by DJs to go along with their cocktails (or shots!). Some say they have the best ciders in the city here!

If you want to let loose a bit and listen to some loud music with drinks, swing by Mishka’s.

Mishka Bar St.Petersburg

4. Union Bar & Grill

Union Bar & Grill is a more upscale place to come for a cocktail and the dark setting gives it a mysterious vibe. There’s nothing mysterious about their cocktails however as the list is long and the beers are aplenty.

Come to Union Bar & Grill for dinner and stay for a few drinks after.

Union Bar & Grill St.Petersburg

5. Khroniki Bar

Khroniki Bar doesn’t really specialise in any particular cocktails here, as a matter of fact, they only offer a handful at a time. But the vibe here is among the best of bars in St.Petersburg with its high tables, close and tight space quarters, and charming appeal of socialising with locals that chain smoke throughout the entire evening.

One step higher than a dive bar but one that is extremely lively and fun is what you should expect at Khroniki’s.

Khroniki Bar

6. Sky Bar

Sky Bar is an upscale rooftop bar on top of the Azimut Hotel in St.Petersburg. Many of the St.Petersburg elite come here for a few cocktails that range on the higher-end of prices. But, with a terrific skyline view of the city, it’s hard to argue with the experience here.

If you want to drink way above the city ground, Sky Bar is your place.

Sky Bar St.Petersburg

7. El Copitas

Mexican influence extends all the way to St.Petersburg at El Copitas. This award-winning bar was named as one of the world’s best bars in 2018 and the massive popularity of this place means you’ll have to call in advance to reserve a table here.

They’re only open Thursday-Saturday at El Copitas so make sure you call a few weeks in advance to save your spot!

El Copitas

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