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The 7 Best Pizzas In St.Petersburg

No matter how you like your pizza done, there are many different places that cook up delicious pizzas in St.Petersburg, Russia. While they have the bigger American pizza chains here, you’re much better off trying a pizza in St.Petersburg that is unique and its own standalone restaurant.

Here are the seven best places for pizza in St.Petersburg.

The best pizza parlours in St.PetersburgHow do these rankings work?

1. Little Italy

Little Italy lies right in the heart of the historical centre of St.Petersburg. At Little Italy, you should expect some of the best Italian-style pizzas in St.Petersburg at this cute restaurant that is likely to remind you Venice.

Order your favourite kind of pizza at Little Italy and why not have a glass of wine with it?

Little Italy Pizza

2. Pizza 22cm

As you can probably tell by the name, all the pies measure out to a precise 22 centimetres. Despite the meagre size, the dough is high and chewy and the overall quality of the pizza is excellent.

Get the Margherita or Pepperoni Pizzas here at Pizza 22cm.

Pizza 22cm

3. Caffe Italia

Caffe Italia is a large Italian restaurant in St.Petersburg that has a six rooms where you can enjoy your pizza and Italian food in. This place is often quite busy and with a very wide variety of pizzas on their menu, it’s not hard to see why because they have something for everyone here.

All the pies here are fabulous so pick your favourite one as they’ll probably have it here.

Caffe Italia

4. Palermo

Palermo is a fancy and elegant restaurant that probably serves one of the best gourmet pizzas in St.Petersburg. If you come here, you’ll also be happy to know that you’ll be enjoying a pizza made with the finest and freshest ingredients and at very reasonable prices!

Come to Palermo’s for a tasty pie at affordable prices.

Palermo Pizza

5. Co-Op Garage

Co-Op Garage may not sound like a pizza joint but it is has one of the best thin-crust pizzas you will ever have, period. This restaurant also offers a good selection of beers so what better way to enjoy your tasty thin-crust pizza than to wash it down with a beer after?

A delicious pizza and beer will definitely make you cheer at Co-Op Garage!

Co-Op Garage Pizza

6. Forno Bravo

Another legit and popular Italian-style pizza joint in St.Petersburg is Forno Bravo. The ingredients on their pizzas come all the way from Italy and are incredibly fresh and high quality. The pizzas are then prepared in a wood-fire oven that has come from, you guessed it, Italy.

Try a supremely fresh pizza here at Forno Bravo and wash it down with some Italian wine.

Forno Bravo

7. Il Patio

Il Patio is a popular chain restaurant in Russia that serves some Italian classics, including pizza. The pizzas are fantastic here and are baked inside a wood-fired oven.

Choose your pie according to size here as they offer a 30cm or 40cm diameter pizza here.

Il Patio Pizza

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