best cafes in Tbilisi

7 Of The Best Cafes In Tbilisi

If you’re looking for a Dunkin or Starbucks, you’re in the wrong place. Tbilisi is buzzing with unique and trendy cafes that are perfect for a morning cup or an afternoon with a book. From local neighbourhoods like Saburtalo to the historic Sololaki district, here are seven cafes in Tbilisi that can’t be missed.

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1. Gabriadze Cafe

First up is Gabriadze Cafe, just off the river and five minutes on foot from The Bridge of Peace. Opened and designed by Georgian puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze, this cafe is as historical as it is charming. A beautiful patio that looks out to Rezo’s Clocktower, Gabriadze Cafe is perfect for artists and those with a love for theatre.

Please don’t leave without trying their famous ponchiki cream-filled doughnuts).

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2. Cafe Mziuri

Nestled in Vake’s Mziuri Park is Cafe Mziuri. This charming cafe isn’t just in a scenic and peaceful area with a great menu; it also has a great origin story. Mziuri was initially opened as a park by Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze in the early ’80s but was abandoned less than a decade later as social tensions rose and the Soviet Union fell.

Dumbadze’s vision of the park was to be a “fairytale space for children” in Tbilisi and thanks to his legacy, that finally came true in 2006 when a local group decided to revive the space into a cafe.

3. Coffee Lab

Set in the trees of Saburtalo is a coffee lovers dream. Coffee Lab overs one of the cities most unique coffee menus and is the only cafe in Tbilisi that roasts its own beans. They offer a diverse selection of delivery with a classic French press, pour-over, AeroPress and even a syphon option. Be sure to ask the staff for recommendations as they are all well-versed in the different flavours and roasts.

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4. Cafe Ornament

This quirky coffee shop is a hidden gem in Old Tbilisi. Quilt ceilings, mismatched rugs and eccentric furniture give Cafe Ornament a one of a kind vibe. The interior, combined with the friendly staff and warm atmosphere makes it a must when in Tbilisi.








5. Gardenia

Just 20 minutes away from the city centre is a literal fairyland. Set in a lush cottage garden and filled with vintage trinkets, Gardenia is perfect for afternoon dreamers wanting to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee. After a pick-me-up be sure to stroll the grounds and take in the romantic scenery.

best cafes in Tbilisi

6. Linville

Antique prints, plush velvet sofas and turn of the century light fixtures make Linville scream boho-chic. Just off Rustaveli in Sololaki, Linville is a perfect spot to enjoy a pastry and cup of coffee before doing some shopping. If you’re in the mood for something a little stronger, their ChaCha is a great option.

best cafes in Tbilisi

7. Double B Coffee & Tea

A quick hop from Freedom Square, you’ll find Double B Coffee & Tea. This cafe is home to some of the best specialty coffee and baristas in the country. They perfectly craft rich and flavourful cups to suit every taste with a range of international roasts from Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia and more. While you’re at it, be sure to order their apple crumble!

cafes in Tbilisi

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