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The 7 Best Vegetarian Dishes To Try In Tbilisi

Sandwiched between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Georgia is home to one of the most unique and flavourful cuisines in the world. Along with its own native foods, they’ve taken cues from the Middle East and Slavic nations to create a truly unique table. Because of their Orthodox traditions, much of the food happens to be vegetarian in Tbilisi.

The nation’s capital, Tbilisi, is bustling with authentic Georgian restaurants where you can feast on all of these dishes. Whether you’re looking to lower your meat consumption or cut it out entirely, Tbilisi’s got you covered with plenty of delicious options.

Best Vegetarian Dishes To Try In Tbilisi

1. Lobio

Georgians love to take humble, slow dishes and turn them into masterpieces. Lobio, on paper, is just a bean stew. But when served in its clay pot and topped with fresh cilantro, onions and walnuts, it’s easy to see why they’ve been making it for thousands of years.

Where to try it: Check out Salobie Bia for a delicious pot of lobio.

vegetarian in Tbilisi

2. Ajapsandali

The definition of comfort food, Ajapsandali is perfect for winter nights either at home or a restaurant table. This hearty stew is made primarily with eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes and loads of spices.

Where to try it: Head to Restaraunt Dadiani for the best in town.

vegetarian in Tbilisi

3. Khinkali

These delicious pouches are easily the most recognizable of Georgian dishes. This Georgian dumpling can be vegetarian with your choice from potatoes, cheese, red beans and herby cheese as a filling. There are a few places in Tbilisi that still make them start to finish by hand.

Where to try it: We recommend Zakhar Zakharich.

vegetarian in Tbilisi
4. Badrijani Nigvzit

Eggplant, walnuts and pomegranate come together to create a delicious Georgian pinwheel. Long slices of grilled eggplant are smothered in a savoury walnut paste, rolled and then topped with fresh pomegranate seeds. It’s a unique and flavourful dish that you can’t miss!

Where to try it: Sormoni does them best.

5. Lobiani

Subtle, smoky, salty and buttery perfectly describe our next pick. Lobio is a mouth-watering bread that is full of beans and spices. Imagine a caucus take on quesadillas, and you’ve got Lobio. While popular at the small bread shops along the streets, you can find it in every Georgian restaurant, too.

Where to try it: Check out Mapshalia for this Georgian classic.

vegetarian Tbilisi
image: GeorgianJournal

6. Adjarian Khachapuri

This Adjarian cheese boat gets five gold stars in our book. The dough boat is handmade, cooked in a well, and then filled to the brim with sulguni, salt and butter. Once it’s full of piping hot cheese, a fresh egg is cracked on top. Simply pull the bread from the sides, dip in the centre and devour. Adjarian khachapuri makes no apologies for your waistline.

Where to try it: It’s best served at Restaraunt Pasanauri.

vegetarian Tbilisi

7. Mkhlovani

Hailing from the mountain regions of Georgia, Mkhlovani is the ancient version of creamed spinach bread. Made similarly to lobiani, it’s filled with spinach, cheese and like so many Georgian staples, tons of herbs.

Where to try it: Be sure to try it at Sakhachapure N1.

vegetarian Tbilisi

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