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The 7 Best Wine Bars In Tbilisi

To say that Georgians know how to do wine would be an understatement. For 8,000 years they’ve been perfecting the art of winemaking with no plans to stop any time soon. From dry saperavi to semi-sweet kindzmauruli, Georgia’s got something for everyone. The best wine bars in Tbilisi range from cosy hideaways to modern bars with some funky tipples.

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1. 8,000 Vintages

This chic and trendy wine bar is an excellent introduction to Georgian wine for fellow winos. As the name suggests, they have a massive selection, and the staff is very well versed in each wine! Each month they have a blind-taste test to try around 100 new wines and narrow down the best of the best.

2. Amber Bar

Amber wine is a white wine made with the qvevri method that has a soft amber colour. Majority of the wine is sourced from small family wineries throughout Georgia, and most nights you can find live music from local musicians. Along with a great vibe and unique wines, they’ve also got a great selection of bruschetta to go with your sips. 

3. Vino Underground

This hidden wine bar is in the heart of historic Sololaki. They offer 100 family sourced wines from all over the country and can’t wait to tell you about them. The staff is very enthusiastic about the history of the small wineries from which their menu comes. 

4. Schuchmann Wine Bar

Just a hop away from Tbilisi’s Bridge of Peace is Schuchmann Wine Bar. Located inside Tbileli Caravanserai built by King Rostom XVII it offers a nice mix of local history with the ancient art of winemaking. Their Schuchmann and Vinoterra are a fan favourite and sourced from their winery. 

5. Wine Gallery

Wine Gallery is the perfect spot to get your Georgian wine fix. They offer an incredible selection of wine and function like a massive cellar. They also provide tons of information on traditional winemaking methods such as qvevri and satsnakheli.

wine bars Tbilisi

6. G. Vino

G. Vino is the go-to spot in Tbilisi for some of the best qveri wines. Qveri is an ancient Georgian method that ages wine underground in giant clay vessels. This super cute wine bar also has a delicious artisan menu, friendly staff and warm romantic lighting.

wine bars Tbilisi

7. Dadi Bar

Just off Freedom Square nestled between Sololaki and Old Town is hip and happening Dadi Bar. Dadi is a perfect spot to enjoy a wide range of wines in the heart of Tbilisi! They also offer a great locally sourced chacha which is a Georgian brandy. After all, brandy comes from grapes and so is wine, so they’re basically the same, right? 

wine bars Tbilisi

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Melanie is an avid traveller with a passion for history and global foods. She is currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia where most of her time is occupied with qvevri wine and Soviet history. Having do-si-do'd her way across Europe and Latin America, she's enjoyed some of the world's most exciting places firsthand and can't wait to tell you about them.

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