best bourbon trail stops

7 Of The Best Kentucky Bourbon Trail Stops

Bourbon might be one of the first things that comes to mind that’s associated with Kentucky, and it’s easy to see why. With so many great distilleries and an entire trail dedicated to those stops, it’s easy to see why. Bourbon is a major Kentucky attraction.

Visit these best Kentucky Bourbon Trail stops.

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1. Angel’s Envy

Though relatively new to the bourbon world, Angel’s Envy is one of the best on the market. Headquartered in downtown Louisville, the distillery is a stunning work of design and production. Schedule a tour and plan to spend some time at their bar afterward. If they have some rye bourbon on hand, but a couple of bottles as it is very hard to come by.

best bourbon trail stops

2. Woodford Reserve

Woodford is another top distillery worth visiting. The charming old operation is stunning and quite picturesque among the rolling green hills of horse country. Arrange a tasting in a warehouse, complete with chocolate truffle pairings. The spirits and sugar boost are quite the combination.

best bourbon trail stops

3. Wild Turkey

This distillery is something more of a corporate production, but the tour and tasting room are still worth the visit. Wild Turkey is a solid mid-range bourbon, and the scale is impressive. This is a wonderful place to take a picnic or plan a lunch break too.

best bourbon stops

4. Four Roses

Built in 1910, this distillery is fashioned in the Spanish Mission style. It’s certainly a departure from most bourbon distilleries and is a welcome change. It’s even on the Register of National Historic Places. Stop by four a tasting or two.

5. Maker’s Mark

Set among rolling hills and lush green pastures, Maker’s Mark is one of the most atmospheric distilleries on the trail. Take a tour of the facility, and plan ahead to dip your own bottle in their signature red wax. Check their calendar for special events too.

6. Jim Beam

Jim Beam might be one of the best-known bourbon distilleries in Kentucky, and it is one of the best-selling brands. With sprawling lands dotted with beautiful warehouses, the Jim Beam property is certainly one to see. Plan a special event or tasting for a truly unique experience.

7. Buffalo Trace

Though the name has changed over the years, bourbon has been produced at Buffalo Trace for more than 200 years. The historic grounds are truly a sight to see, and the brown liquor isn’t bad either. So, plan a tour as well as lunch on site.

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