The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Louisville

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Louisville

Finding the perfect cup of coffee can go a long way for making a day great. These cafés make the best coffee in Louisville as well as make tasty pastries to pair with your jolt.

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1. Highland Coffee Company

This bakery and laidback, no-frills coffee shop pull excellent espressos as well as make great coffee. There are several options for smoothies too, and everything is ethically-sourced at Highland. Vegans and the gluten-intolerant are welcome with sweet treats waiting in the case to meet all dietary needs.

Best Coffee Louisville

2. Safai Coffee Shop

This rustic, industrial coffeehouse is a full-service coffee store where visitors can pick up any gadgets they might need at home as well as a bag of the shop’s own organic coffee beans. The menu includes everything from espresso drinks and American black coffee to teas and cold coffee drinks.

Order sweet or savoury crepes for a light breakfast in the shop.

Safai Coffee Shop in Louisville

3. Please&Thank You

Part music store, part coffee shop, Please&Thank You serve great coffee drinks while visitors can browse their selection of vinyl too. The staff and the atmosphere are warm and inviting, making a leisurely hour of browsing music too easy to do.

Though there are quite a few food options, this joint is known for the chocolate chip cookies. Order a Spanish latte.

Please&Thank You


This cozy space with mid-century modern flair is a great spot to settle in for a few hours. The stone building, spacious and shady terrace and friendly staff make this coffeehouse and bar incredibly welcoming. There are pastries, biscuits and bagels among other breakfast items and bar snacks like cheese plates as the day goes on.

They have a standard coffee menu, but are very dog-friendly. So pick up your dog a puppuccino from the drive-thru.

VINT in Louisville

5. Sunergos Coffee

Sunergos is a beloved Louisville chain that roasts their own sustainably-sourced beans and keep quality consistent across their locations. Baristas pour handcrafted espresso drinks as well as American black coffee and artisan teas. The eclectic shops also serve locally-made pastries to sweet a smooth, but strong jolt.

Sunergos Coffee

6. Fante’s Coffee

Taking a seat at Fante’s is like settling in at your own home. The spacious, warm and cozy shop is actually set in a house, though they’ve made room to roast their own beans. The coffee and tea options are plentiful and they also serve beer and wine later in the day.

There’s a case of pastries and sweet treats, but the shop also serves a full breakfast and lunch service.

Fante's Coffee

7. Base Camp Coffee

Located in a strip mall Quest outdoor adventure gear store, Base Camp Coffee is odd and unexpected in the best way possible. The unlikely store makes a full range of coffee and espresso drinks as well as serves light breakfast bites. The Bourbon Vanilla Latte is worth the trip even if you don’t need to shop for paddles, tires or athleisure clothing.

Best Coffee Louisville

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