The 7 best Louisville things to do in Kentucky

Unmissable Things To Do In Louisville

Kentucky might be the epicenter of all things horses and bourbon, but there is so much more to see. Try these best things to do in Louisville.

Whether you enjoy museums, tasting all kinds of treats or diving into local culture, you’ll find plenty of ways to pass the time here.

Best things to do in Louisville

1. Order a Hot Brown

This classic Southern dish was invented at the Brown Hotel in the 1920s. It’s a hot and bubbly gratin essentially made with turkey, toast points, baron and a creamy sauce. Visit the hotel for the original real deal or hit up any local diner.

The 7 best Louisville things to do in Kentucky

2. Cool off at Comfy Cow

The Comfy Cow is a local favourite ice cream shop with good reason. Apart from the many options ranging from classic and seasonal to signature flavours or even ice cream pies, the shop has created some award-winning cones. Go with a bourbon ball cone, and order a dog-friendly treat for your furry friend too.

The 7 best Louisville things to do in Kentucky

3. Visit the two big sports museums

Louisville is home to both the Muhammad Ali Center and the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. The Muhammad Ali Center is a museum dedicated to the boxer’s life as well as a cultural center focused on giving back. This is also where the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards are held each year. At the Slugger museum, visitors learn about baseball history and get to watch the famous bats being made up close.

The 7 best Louisville things to do in Kentucky

4. Watch drag at Play Louisville

If you’re looking for a little more nightlife fun, there is drag at Play Louisville almost every weekend. If a show isn’t underway, however, the DJ’s keep a steady beat until the wee hours of the morning.

7 best Louisville things to do in Kentucky

5. See Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs is easily the most famous horse racing track around. This is where the Kentucky Derby happens each year–and the reason so many dress up with hats to drink mint juleps.

6. Do a bourbon tasting

A bourbon tasting is practically required before leaving Louisville, and the good news is that its easy to do without leaving downtown. From Jim Beam’s Urban Stillhouse to Angel’s Envy and even bars with menus that contain more than 450 types of bourbon, there are plenty of places to sample.

Angel’s Envy is actually headquartered downtown, so its still possible to take the tour. It’s also a top-notch producer, so the liquor is amazing and the drinks they mix at their bar are stunning.

7. Take a spooky tour

If you’re someone who enjoys the spooky and unnatural all year long, try this alternative tour: a visit to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The two-story Tudor hospital opened in 1910 to care for tuberculosis patients. They claim to be one of the most haunted destinations in the world, so visit for a hair-raising time.

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