Best Fried Chicken In Louisville

The 7 Best Spots For Fried Chicken In Louisville

Sure, you’ve heard of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Who hasn’t indulged in a juicy, crunchy drumstick or two from KFC? But, when we talk about the best friend chicken in Louisville we’re talking about the crispy golden goodness. You know, the authentic, homemade fried chicken plates served with authentic Southern sides.

What, you’ve never had the pleasure of sampling real Kentucky fried chicken at a real authentic spot in Louisville? This Kentucky city is overflowing with great spots where you can sample some of the finest Southern tastes around. And, lucky for you, we know just where to send ya.

Grab a few friends and be sure to round up the hungriest because you’re about to enjoy a flavourful tour of one of Kentucky’s biggest foodie cities. Here are seven spots serving some of the best fried chicken in Louisville.

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1. The Eagle

The Eagle is well-known for the superb way in which they fry up their chicken. It’s brined, dredged, then dropped into their own special custom-built fryers. The result is a thin layer of crisp that’s got a bit of a kick. Keep on kickin’ things up a notch by drizzling, drenching or dripping the chicken in their homemade hot honey. Yes, hot honey. It’s a Louisville delicacy you simply can’t miss out on experiencing at least once.

Best Fried Chicken In Louisville

2. Royals Hot Chicken

For a full Southern meal, Royals is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. This local chicken restaurant specialises in serving three-piece tender combo meals that are filling yet easy on your budget. And, if you’re interested in seeing what hot chicken is all about, they serve a Gonzo Hot Sauce that’s out of this world. Top it all off with a unique sweet potato milkshake and you’ll understand why people eat so good in the South.

Best Fried Chicken In Louisville

3. Big Momma’s Soul Food Kitchen

Interested in really diving into the fried chicken culture of Louisville? You’ve gotta head to Big Momma’s. This soul food kitchen serves nothing but totally authentic Southern comfort foods. You know, the kinds that actually make it straight to your soul. You’ll see locals grabbing up their styrofoam boxes piled high and heavy with fried chicken and Southern sides. The wings are oh-so-juicy while still featuring a nice crunch on the outside that makes getting to the white meat all the more flavourful of an adventure.

4. Chicken King

There’s a simplicity to dining at Chicken King that makes it feel like you’re truly treating yourself to nothing but the finest homemade, hometown Southern cooking around. And, in reality, that’s actually what it is. You can order a variety of chicken plates at Chicken King. But, their plain ‘ole fried chicken is just so flavourful, you don’t really need anything added to it. It’s got the perfect amount of tender chicken and breaded crunch.

Best Fried Chicken In Louisville

5. Joella’s Hot Chicken

Locals line up out the door just to get a taste of Joella’s Hot Chicken. And, we definitely suggest ordering their hot chicken. But, their other chicken options are just as tantalising and tasty, too. From jumbo tenders, big wings and chicken and waffles to even vegan chicken, Joella’s serves it all. And, they even serve it with some great sauces to go along with it. Indulge in that Alabama white sauce, it’s delicious.

Best Fried Chicken in Kentucky

6. Hammerheads

When you’re travelling through Louisville, Hammerheads is a no-brainer. It’s a neighbourhood bar, smokehouse and gastropub all rolled into one quaint, trendy little spot. Brush shoulders with locals as you devour any dish you order here. Craving fried chicken? You can’t go wrong with their chicken and waffles plate. It’s served with a sweet potato waffle, three whole chicken wings and a side of maple syrup.

7. Chick’n & Mi

Sure, while you’re in Kentucky you’ll definitely want to try Southern fried chicken. But, it’s not the only great kind of chicken out there in Louisville. Chick’n & Mi serves amazing Asian-style chicken. Their hottest dish is a Laotian-spiced fried chicken that’s the hottest in terms of popularity but literally also just the hottest (spiciest) dish they’ve got. It’s a nice change from traditional Kentucky fried chicken.

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