Best Rakija Bars in Serbia

7 Of The Best Rakija Bars In Serbia

Rakija, a Balkan schnaaps of sorts, is plentiful and well-made across the entire region. It’s a popular addition to morning coffee, a fix-all for colds and the perfect digestif after dinner.  These best rakija bars in Serbia, however, are the ones to visit.

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a must-try while traveling the Balkans.

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1. Rakija Bar

Rakija Bar is small and cosy nestled into the streets of Belgrade. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and they’ll provide a wonderful tasting experience. Try everything from sweet to smokey rakijas before choosing your favorite to come back to.

Best Rakija Bars in Serbia

2. Škripa Pub

This intimate two-story pub in Novi Sad is one of the best. There’s a great selection of rakijas, and the artsy crowd that hangs out here is quite fun to spend time with. Take a seat outside for a laid-back night out.

Best rakija bars in Serbia

3. Leila Records

Music lovers, rejoice. This record store and bar is one of the best places to take a seat for a drink. The retro-inspired digs are filled with antique furniture and the walls are lined with stacks and stacks of albums. Order a drink and unwind for a while.

Best rakija bars Belgrade

4. Ambar

This sleek and polished restaurant and bar is right on the river along the revitalised waterfront. The rakija selection is great, and the staff are excellent. Take a seat on the terrace on sunny afternoons.

5. Tri Šešira

This traditional Serbian restaurant tucked away in Skadarlija is definitely worth a visit. The rakija options are quite good, and the food is, of course, delicious. Expect it to be busy, however, as this is a popular stop.

6. Ognjena Rakija Bar & Shop

With shelves upon shelves of rakija stacked inside of this bar and liquor store, it’s a must-visit for a wide selection of Serbian brandies. Whether you prefer sweeter drinks or more subtle notes, this shop will have a bottle for you. Pick one up to take home with you too.

7. Low Alternative Bar

This bar might be known for its beer selection, but they serve so much more. The sleek, minimalist atmosphere is laid-back but can get quite lively as the night goes on. Stop by for a nightcap or to jumpstart a night out.

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